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Chained Echoes: Chemist Class Statue Location Shambala

Find out the spot where the Chemist Class Statue stands.




Chained Echoes Chemist Class Statue Location Shambala

Chained Echoes will be one of the new favorite role-playing games in the community. It features the life of heroes that dwells in Valandis as they take on the challenge of getting back the peace on their land.

As you play Chained Echoes, you will encounter different class emblems which can give you both active and passive class skills. However, before you obtain this, you must first look for the statue.

In this guide, we will tell you where to see the Chemist Class Statue.

Chemist Class Statue Location in Chained Echoes

Chemist Class Statue Location in Chained Echoes 1
Source: RPG Division

The Chemist Class Statue is one that you must discover and obtain. All in all, there are 12 class emblems. Namely, these are cleric, warrior, vampire, shaman, monk, bandit, summoner, mage warrior, chemist, pyromancer, rune knight, and gambler.

As mentioned, this guide will solely focus on the Chemist Class. To find this, simply go to the southwestern island of Shambala.

Source: rinimt

As you arrive at this marked location, interact with the statues and choose Offer Sacred Water and pray. After that, you will be engaged in a fight to prove that you are worthy of the emblem.

Offer Sacred Water
Source: rinimt

Once you finish the battle, you will obtain tinkering and search as active skills. While chemistry and caretaker will be under the passive skills.

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