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Chained Echoes: Buried Treasures and Hidden Caves Ograne Grottos

Complete the Reward Board Objectives by obtaining these treasures.

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Chained Echoes Buried Treasures and Hidden Caves Ograne Grottos 1

In Chained Echoes, the total treasure you can get is detailed in the Reward Board Objectives for each location. Hidden Cave and Buried Treasures also count towards the overall treasure count.

There are, however, situations where there are more of them than the Reward Board indicates.

We’ll guide you to the hidden caves and buried treasures of Orange Grottos.

Hidden Caves

Hidden Caves

Source: RPG Division

The 2 Hidden Caves can be accessed as soon as you reach Ograne Grottos. The first one can be found near the entrance of Ograne Grottos found north of Farnsport in Rohlan Fields.

Hidden Caves 1

Source: RPG Division

Make your way west till you reach this spot. Inside is the first Hidden Cave Treasure.

Hidden Caves 2

Source: RPG Division

The second Hidden Cave Treasure is located in the central area of Ograne Grottos. Teleport to the central Fast-Travel Crystal and proceed south from there.

The Elevator Key in Nhysa and the Charon Coins in the Manor in the heart of Rohlan Fields are required to reach the final two Hidden Cave Treasures.

After gathering these items, travel to Raminas Tower where you can use the Elevator Key to access the northeastern Ograne Grottos.

After locating Charon’s Boat in the east, you can use the Charon Coins to cross the river.

Hidden Caves 3

Source: RPG Division

The third Hidden Cave Treasure can be found by going to the spot shown in the image and interacting with a stack of stones.

Hidden Caves 4

You need to travel to the location marked in the image above. From there, you’ll need to interact with another stack of stones to reveal the final Hidden Cave Treasure.

Buried Treasure

There are a total of three Buried Treasures in Ograne Grottos.

Buried Treasure

The first may be found north of the Fast-Travel Crystal in the middle of the map.

Buried Treasure 1

The second buried treasure is to be found west of the Ograne Grottos’ northern entrance. It is in a dungeon room.

Buried Treasure 2

To the southwest of the Ograne Grottos is where you’ll find the final Buried Treasure.

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