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Chained Echoes: A Little Vacation Quest Guide

Follow the Carrot and complete the quest!




Chained Echoes A Little Vacation Quest Guide

Chained Echoes is a role-playing video game designed by Matthias Linda. The game’s turn-based combat, 16-bit visual design, and multiple character narrative all nod to great Japanese role-playing games of the 1990s.

Like any other role-playing game, Side Quests can be triggered while exploring the world. In Chained Echoes, a side quest entitled “A Little Vacation” can be quite difficult to complete if you don’t know where to start.

In this guide, we will be teaching you the steps to complete the “A Little Vacation” side quest.

A Little Vacation Quest Guide

A Little Vacation Quest Guide

You may have already initiated the “A Little Vacation” Side Quest before you were even aware that it is a side quest.

The first time you head to Basil on the Rohlan Fields, you will encounter a scarecrow to the north, beside the river. Take note of its location.

Follow the Carrot

Keep going through Basil to the southwest. If you look carefully, you can make out a Carrot waving behind some buildings. Once you inspect the Carrot, it will bolt away.

Follow the Carrot across town, through the town square, north, and finally to the scarecrow you encountered earlier. You’ll eventually trap the Carrot in a corner and engage in battle with Carrie, Mush, Peppa, Brocko Lee, and Cornelia, a band of discerning veggies.

You can easily defeat them since the veggies are vulnerable to fire and frequently pass their turn. Take out Brocko Lee first so it won’t be able to heal the others.

Combine the Veggies and Defeat Shashlik

After that, the five veggies will combine into a single shish kebab called Shashlik. This enemy, despite its ridiculous appearance, is surprisingly strong. It uses amplified forms of the attacks of the individual veggies.

Once you defeat Shashlik, head to New Wyrnshire. A Lizardman Merchant can be found on the second street running north from south in the northern section of the shabby town. He will claim to have witnessed a living carrot.

The shopkeeper will be relieved to learn he’s not crazy once you’ve defeated Carrie and its gang. And he’ll show you exactly where the veggie gang has returned to on your map after he breaks the news that they’re back.

The Map will momentarily linger over some trees to the west of New Wyrnshire as you take off. Here, you will find the Carrot again if you travel over to a route lined with trees. This time around, however, it’s much more passive and will direct you to a farmhouse.

Find the Pig Farmer

As you walk in the front door, you’ll notice two piglets tucking into a meal at the dining room table. They’ll run away the moment you get close, and you’ll have to pursue them to the second-story balcony.

They plan to descend to the ground and then run westward. If you follow them, they’ll lead you straight into a fight with a drunken pig farmer.

Fridolyn is a man-on-a-pig who also seems to have magical abilities. Unless your entire party is significantly underleveled, he won’t be able to do much damage. Since he has high HP, the battle will likely go on for some time. Always check the TP of your characters and heal as necessary.

Once you return to your airship, the camera will again linger on the map for a brief second. This time, it skips to an island just off the coast of the farm. Head over there for a relaxing getaway.

Fridolyn and his pigs are lounging in the sunshine here. You may find a Rusty Anchor on the beach on the resort’s western side.

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