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Can You Collect the Blueprints in Illuvium Zero?

The upcoming mobile game provides a large selection of skins known as blueprints–but can you collect them?




Can You Collect the Blueprints in Illuvium Zero

Illuvium Zero is a soon-to-be-released mobile base-building mini-game that allows players to build self-sustaining economies and produce resources.

Both the self-sustaining economy and resources can be used in Illuvium’s main game, creating a sense of cohesion across all their already-released and upcoming games.

You can create and upgrade buildings within Illuvium Zero, producing valuable resources and cosmetic blueprints for skins.

The team behind Illuvium Zero claims that there will be 10,000+ blueprints in the game, creating a staggering amount of customization so players can choose something that suits them.

Many are curious if this large number is even possible, considering there are only about 150 Illuvials at the moment, which is what the blueprints are based on.

However, there are already 200-300 variations. Each variation will have numerous upgrades and color variants to ensure each one is unique. With the upgrades and color variations, the 10,000+ mark seems more plausible.

With this in mind, many wonder if you can collect all the blueprints. Because the game is still in beta, collecting them all (currently, there are only 15) seems quite feasible.

Blueprints Available During Beta

Blueprints Available During Beta

During the Beta, there are 15 collectible blueprints, which are a variation of the five included Alpha Illuvials and three armour types (Physical, Hybrid, and Energy).

Each variation will be Tier 1, Stage 1. This means that you do not have to worry about the stage level, meaning you don’t have to find the Stage 1 blueprint before finding the Stage 2 blueprint.

Because every blueprint will be Tier 1, Stage 1 blueprint, they will be available to everyone. The only alteration would come from the type of plot you own in the game.

For example, if there is a Fiery and an Atlas, those with a Crimson Waste plot might have a higher chance of finding a Fiery, and those with a Halcyon Sea plot might have a higher chance of finding an Atlas.

The plot you own will ultimately decide what blueprint you find. So if you are having an easy time finding one based on the plot you own, it is best to find all three armor variations of it.

So, for someone to have a good chance of finding all 15, they will need to own one of each that coincides with the blueprint. However, there is still a chance for you to find one that doesn’t align with the plot you own, so be persistent in your search.

The short answer is yes, you can collect the blueprints in Illuvium Zero. However, the chance of you collecting certain ones will be based on what plot you have within the game.

Considering the price of many of the plots, it seems unlikely that someone will be able to collect all 15 within the Beta. Still, the developers state that it is possible.

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