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Call of Dragons: Which is the Best Starting Faction to Choose

Find your way to becoming the magical overlord, and start by choosing the best faction.




Call of Dragons Which is the Best Starting Faction to Choose

A new mobile fantasy multiplayer game is out now for you to play with your friends. Call of Dragons lets you experience living in a world of dragons with different factions to be a part of.

In this game, Call of Dragons will also let you strategize and be creative with using your skills together with your teammates’ abilities.

However, in order for you to start the game, you must first choose which faction you want to be in. That being said, we made this guide to make it easier for you to decide which faction to pick.

Which is the Best Starting Faction to Choose in Call of Dragons

Which is the Best Starting Faction to Choose in Call of Dragons
Source: Call of Dragons

In this game, you will be given three choices of factions. Namely, these are the League of Order, Springwardens, and Wilderburg. Each faction has its unique faction bonus that can be your advantage during team fights.

Before we jump into it, let us first talk about the starting heroes.

Starting Heroes

Starting Heroes

At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick a faction to play. Since we are assuming that you are just a newbie player, it would be too complicated if you were to choose your hero yourself. Because of that, Call of Dragons made it easy for you and provided you with the starting heroes for each faction.

Upon choosing the Springwardens, you will be given Gwanwyn, an archer. For League of Order, you will have Waldyr, an ice mage. Lastly is the berserker, Bakhar for Wilderburg

Aside from the starting heroes, you will also be getting some more heroes under the chosen faction.


Source: Call of Dragons

Springwardens are heroes that are left to guard nature against the darkness. Because of that, they are blessed with +5% legion march speed and +5% healing speed.

The special units that you can unlock in this faction are the archers, ironbark treants, longleaf treants, work elk, elkriders, and forest eagles.

League of Order

League of Order

The League of Order uses Light to guide them in their pursuit. In order to cater to their needs, they are granted +3% legion march defense and +10% gather speed.

The units included in this faction are vestals, swordsmen, ballistas, workhorses, knights, and celestials.



These warriors dedicated their strength and honor to conquering Tamaris. With that, they receive +3% legion physical attack and +10% build engineering.

What you can get in choosing this side are axemen, spearmen, satyr mages, workrhinos, wolfriders, and wyvern riders.

Now, with all those special units that you can get per faction, each of them performs a special role. Some are transport units, healers, workers, etc. Each faction has one of each kind, the only difference is the stats.

If we were to weigh down everything, the best starting faction to choose would be the Wilderburg. The reason is their workrhinos provide extra resources for you. And that is what’s important, especially as a starter player.

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