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Call of Dragons: Talent Tree Path Guide

Get stronger and be a more effective player by learning how to properly use the talent tree path in your infantry.




Call of Dragons Talent Tree Path Guide

In the universe of Call of Dragon, you will not be left with just aiming for the best on the battlefield. You must also be able to decide and strategize how to make the work and production in your base more effective and more efficient.

One of the things that must be given attention is the infantry. Infantry is your front liner when it comes to combat. But outside the battle, there are still a lot more things they can do.

To upgrade your infantry, you have to access their talent tree path. Here, you can enhance and improve their stats in a specific area.

Since this requires a lot of thinking, we made this guide to make it easier for you to decide which attributes of your infantry to increase.

Talent Tree Path Guide in Call of Dragons

Your victory depends on you and how you take care of your troops. When we say take care of your troops, it refers to how you manage their stats to make them stronger and more deadly.

Talent Tree Path Guide in Call of Dragons
Source: Hulksden Gaming

If we are to look and compare the stats of our infantry, it is highly noticeable that archers have the highest physical attack, while swordsmen have a higher defense.

With that information, it is clear to us that swordsmen are better front to receive damage, while archers stay at the back row and are in charge of dealing damage.

idea of which field to increase
Source: Hulksden Gaming

With that in mind, we can get an idea of which field to increase. If you are to level the swordsmen, make sure to focus more on increasing the defense and HP. While it is also good to add some increase to their attack, it will be better to upgrade the defenses.

In relation to that, archers have to be more deadly and since theta re in the back lane, it is okay to just add a subtle increase to their HP and defense. But in contrary to swordsmen, the strength of archers is in their attack damage so it will be better to focus on it.

each upgrade will cost you a skill or talent
Source: Hulksden Gaming

You have to make sure to think this through because each upgrade will cost you a skill or talent point. For example, if you think that you have made a mistake in choosing which to upgrade and you would want to reset it, then you will have to spend too much.

A talent reset will cost you one Book of Alteration and 1000 worth of gems. All these are for just a one-time reset.

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