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Brawl Stars: Which Brawlers Should I Unlock for Every Tier

Pick these Brawlers as they are stronger in the long run.

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Brawl Stars Which Brawlers Should I Unlock for Every Tier

Starting off in Brawl Stars with so few Brawlers can easily make you feel underwhelmed. Brawlers, however, are easily obtained via the Starr Road and the Daily Log-in, especially if you are a beginner.

Some brawlers can be played for enjoyment or in competitive game modes. There will be options for which Brawlers to choose, so we created this guide to help you make that decision.

Daily Log-in

Daily Log in

Source: KairosTime Gaming

You can choose between Darryl and Penny on the second day of the daily log-in. The rarity of these brawlers is Super Rare.

Darryl is a fantastic option if you are still getting used to the game. However, Penny performs best when she is maxed out.

Additionally, depending on your choice, you can get a level 9, Darryl, or Penny if you log in daily.

Daily Log in 1

Source: KairosTime Gaming

Griff and Edgar are your options for the fifteenth day. Griff is much superior competitively, so get him. Edgar is a good brawler, but he lacks competitive gameplay.

Starr Road

Starr Road

Source: KairosTime Gaming

The next set of Brawlers is obtained through Starr Road. These Brawlers will be given to you immediately because you won’t have a choice in who you get.

  • Nita
  • El Primo
  • Jessie
  • Poco
  • Jacky
Starr Road 1

Source: KairosTime Gaming

Brock and Barley, two Super Rare Brawlers, are the following options.  On this one, you can use a trick. You can obtain a free Barley and Wizard Barley skin if you link an email address to your account. Meaning you can choose to unlock Brock.

Starr Road 2

Next will be between Bo and Emz. These are your very first Epic Brawlers. Both options can be excellent, so try both before making a decision.

Starr Road 3

You will have to decide between Colt and Bull after Bo and Emz. Bull is ideal for novices, whereas Colt has a high skill ceiling.

Starr Road 4

Then you can choose between Dynamike or 8-Bit. The superior choice between these two is 8-Bit.

Starr Road 5

Get Bea as your next Epic Brawler option as she is very effective against tanks.

Starr Road 6

Colt and Rosa are the following options. The best option here is Rosa. She is fantastic for beginners, and maxing her out will make her a beast.

Starr Road 7

Get Carl from these Super Rare Brawlers.

Starr Road 8

Another option for an Epic Brawler. Bring in Stu for this. Although he is an assassin, he is the most versatile one in the game.

Starr Road 9

You will then encounter your first Mythic Brawler after that. The best of these is Gene. You will be given the option of another Mythic Brawler after obtaining three more Brawlers.

Starr Road 10

Take Max. She is so good at competitive play that even professionals can use her.

Starr Road 11

You will then encounter your first Legendary Brawler. Out of the three, Leon is the most engaging. However, depending on the meta, Crow can be excellent. Finally, Spike is the most reliable. So choose Spike.

After this, you will have 22 Brawlers unlocked and at least 1 of each rarity starting from Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary, except for the Chromatic Brawlers.

Starr Road 12

You should get these Brawlers and max them out as soon as possible. In every game mode, these brawlers are among the greatest.

  • Penny
  • Poco
  • Rosa
  • Carl
  • Stu
  • Bea
  • Griff
  • Bonne
  • Max
  • Spike

Until you unlock all of them, you will continue to get Brawlers in Starr Road, and the choices are now yours on who to obtain.

Chromatic Brawlers

Chromatic Brawlers

The Chromatic Brawlers are the last ones. These can be unlocked using Chroma Credits, which are exclusively available through the Battle Pass.

This is the progression on which to choose.

Gale > Surge > Colette > Belle > Ruffs > Eve > Janet > Otis > Lola > Fang > Buster > Sam > Buzz > Ash > Lou

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