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Brawl Stars: Which Brawler Should You Pick

Outsmart enemies by always choosing the right brawler for you.




Brawl Stars Which Brawler Should You Pick

Brawl Stars is a person-versus-player multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends. In this game, you will choose whoever brawler you want to choose.

Brawlers are divided into seven types. Namely, these are starting brawlers, chromatic, legendary, mythic, epic, super rare, and rare. These characters can be obtained in different ways.

Sometimes, you will be given an option on which brawler to choose.

Which Brawlers You Should Pick

Out of all 64 brawlers in the game, you might find it difficult to choose which one to pick. However, we made here a list of all the brawlers that we recommend you unlock and use.

This guide will be divided into different parts and which to choose from.

Daily Gift Streak

Daily Gift Streak

Source: KairosTime Gaming

First-time players will receive daily rewards for the first 15 days of login to the game. Included in the rewards are some skin, power, pins, and a brawler.

Daily Gift Streak 1

Source: KairosTime Gaming

On the second day of login, you will be asked to choose between Darryl or Penny. It is just the second day so it is natural that you won’t have any idea or basis for who is better than who. So here, we want to tell you that Darryl is a better option if you are still finding it hard to aim.

Daily Gift Streak 2

Source: KairosTime Gaming

While on the 15th day of login, you will be asked again to choose between Griff or Edgar. On this one, Griff is way better than Edgar.

Starr Road

Starr Road

The Starr Road is one of the tracks that can give you the brawlers that you still do not have. Some of these will be automatical obtained, while on some, you have to choose again between two brawlers.

Starr Road 1

On this part, the best thing to do is pick Brock. Not because he is better than Barley, but because there is another way to get Barley for free. Simply go to the Supercell ID and sync it to your email address. Once you do this, you will be given Barley as a reward, plus a Wizard Barley skin.

Starr Road 2

The next choice will be Brock versus Colt. It is recommended to unlock Brock first. After you choose, you will be given the chance to pick your first epic brawler.

Starr Road 3

Bo and Emz are both great brawlers especially when it comes to their damage. With that, you can opt to choose Try than immediately choosing them to unlock. In that way, you can try them out, but can still swap characters to try the other one.

Starr Road 4

The next pair that you have to weigh is Colt and Bull. This time, Bull is a better choice for new players because of its tanky features. Meanwhile, Colt is a good fighter but has a high skill cap so it will be difficult to use for beginner players.

Starr Road 5

Over here, 8-bit is the better option than Dynamike.

Starr Road 6

Another stop for epic brawlers. For this time, it will be Bea versus Emz or Bo, depending on who you have chosen previously. But the better option for this is to choose Bea.

Starr Road 7

For the next one, it is recommended to choose Rosa over Colt unless you are already a pro player.

Starr Road 8

This time, you will be given three choices in one stop. You might think that it will be a lot harder because of more choices, but definitely, choose Carl.

Starr Road 9

Another 3-choice stop. Among Emz, Frank, and Stu, choose Stu. No more second thoughts.

Starr Road 10

Now, your first mythic brawler will be among Mortis, Tara, and Gene. Each of them has its own unique strengths, however, difficult to use and master. The best choice among these three will be Gene.

After this, you will automatically unlock Colt. Then, another choosing game for you.

Starr Road 11

Among Dynamike, Tick, and Darryl, the best option will be Tick.

Starr Road 12

Another set of epic brawlers will be Emz, Frank, and Pam. Note that all of them are very unique and good at fighting, but the most recommended is Pam. But if you don’t prefer a supporting character, then it will be more okay to choose Emz before Frank.

Starr Road 13

Back to the set of mythic brawlers, definitely choose Max.

Starr Road 14

Finally, you’re here to pick your first legendary brawlers among Leon, Crow, and Spike. Both Leon and Crow are assassins which makes them fun to play, however, the main issue is their inconsistency.

That being said, Spike is the best option here.

Choosing the Core Brawlers

Choosing the Core Brawlers

Now that you already have your first 20 brawlers, you may now start deciding which brawlers will be your core ones. This means that you will use and dump all the resources to easily max them up and make them the strongest among others.

Here, we will mention the top brawlers that you can choose to give almost all of the resources.

  • Penny
  • Griff
  • Poco
  • Bea
  • Rosa
  • Carl
  • Stu
  • Max
  • Spike

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