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Blood Bowl 3: Imperial Nobility Race Guide

Learn the basics of the fancy Imperial Nobility team.




Blood Bowl 3 Imperial Nobility Race Guide

The Imperial Nobility race is a new team to Blood Bowl 3 that was first added to the tabletop version of the game in 2020. However, Blood Bowl 3 marks its debut in videogame form.

This team is all about being the high rollers, so you can expect fairly expensive players.

This guide will show you how to play this race.

Imperial Nobility Race Guide for Blood Bowl 3

Imperial Nobility Race Guide for Blood Bowl 3
Source: Nacon

The Imperial Nobility is primarily a control-oriented team. You’ll be using the Imperial Retainer Linemen to create a line of defense to harass your opponents. Additionally, you should have an Ogre as a roadblock against your opponents.

When aided by Bodyguards, the Ogre can be quite effective at defensively taking out opponents.

Sadly, the Ogre has the Bone Head trait. This sometimes makes the Ogre not act at all. This is another reason why the Ogre should be used primarily to block your opponents.

To build your Ogre, you’ll definitely want to get Block and Stand Firm traits to make him even more of a blockade.

How to Play the Imperial Nobility Race

How to Play the Imperial Nobility Race

Another unique strength of this team is that the Throwers have the “Running Pass” trait which allows them to move after a pass, as long as they have any movement left.

However, the Imperial Nobility lacks throwing which can be a huge problem for the team overall. Another weakness of the team is that all the players are fairly expensive, especially when compared to other teams.

Dues to the costs, you’ll be filling your team with Linemen, as they’re the cheapest unit. But they’re not particularly great, either.

This does mean you can use Linemen as expendable units, however. For example, you can trade them for a more expensive opponent via fouling.

How to Play the Imperial Nobility Race 1

Another weakness is that Blitzers are particularly costly, despite being one of the best players for the team.

Not just that, but you can only have two Blitzers in your team at once. Blitzers have great mobility, which makes them crucial to have. So them being limited can make team composition hard.

As a whole, the Imperial Nobility is a pretty hard-to-use team. Dodge-heavy teams will be the bane of your existence, as they will effectively shut down your control-heavy playstyle.

How to Play the Imperial Nobility Race 2

When your control tactics are shut down, you’re left with a team that doesn’t particularly excel at offense or defense.

While they’re not a terrible team, they’re very hard to use. Keep this in mind and focus on using your defensive traits such as Guard, Stand Firm, and Fend to keep control of the ball and your enemies’ movements.

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