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Bless Global: Which Is the Best Class to Use | Class Guide

Choose the best class for your personality and make it the best fighter in this fantasy world.




Bless Global Which Is the Best Class to Use Class Guide

Your new favorite game is out now and is available to play on both Android and iOS devices. Bless Global is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets you explore the medieval and fantasy world.

Combat and Magic are both important features that you have to master if you want to survive in this world.

However, not every class is ideal for magic and not everyone is perfect for physical combat. You have to be familiar with the specialized skills and abilities.

Different Classes in Bless Global

Bless Global currently has five different classes that you can choose from. These are the berserker, mage, crusader, ranger,and priest. Each of these character classes has its unique abilities which makes them distinct from each other.

In this guide, we will tell you the descriptions of all the classes so that you can easily choose what class you will play.


Source: Artenity X2

A berserker is a tough character to play and a good option for physical and close combat. This class is a two-axe-wielding character with heavy-duty armor.

The Berserker gets exhilarated every time you engage in fights. Aside from close combat and high defense, the berserker is also a good choice for dealing with multiple enemies at once because of its great area attack.

Despite its heavy armor, a berserker is still an agile character which makes it possible for you to dodge enemy attacks.

Some of the recommended weapons are the two-handed axe, two-handed mace, and two-handed hammer. Moreover, the recommended armors for you to equip are medium armor and heavy armor.

Source: Artenity X2

With its great area damage and the armor can make you a good offense and defense. When using medium armor, the chances of dodging the enemy attacks are increases by 0.4% per part. The fighting power is increased by 3%.

On the other hand, wearing heavy armor increases the chances of parrying by 1% per part.


Source: Artenity X2

Mage is one of the strongest magical damage dealers in the game. This character class is the best fit for mid to long-range combats, and not for close-combat fights. Despite, its low physical defense, a mage can fight enemies by manipulating the three elemental magics. Namely, fire, ice, and wind magic.

Some of the recommended weapons are wand and staff. On the other hand, the best armor for mages is a robe.


Source: Artenity X2

The Crusader is one of the toughest warriors in Bless Global. With its almost perfect defense, it is perfect for the role of protecting the whole team. Aside from its sturdy shield, it can also carry a sword in its other hand.

What makes the crusader the best protector of the team is because of its ability called Provoke. With this ability, it taunts the enemies to focus on the crusader alone and tank all the incoming damage.

To make your crusader, even more, stronger, wear heavy armor with a shield and a one-handed sword.


Ranger Bless Global
Source: Artenity X2

Ranger, also known as an archer, is a long-range attacker. With its accurate and precise aim, any enemy that comes before it can meet its death from afar. A lethal shot from a distance is a nightmare for everyone who thinks they can outplay a ranger.

However, rangers also have their own weakness. Choosing this as your character class, you should always remember to keep a safe distance and not commit a close-combat. Ranger is a feeble one and can easily be slain with a heavy slash from the enemy.

In order to maximize its abilities, you should keep a long-range weapon such as a bow. Plus, light armor makes a perfect match to match its agile self.



A Priest is one of the mysterious beings that you can encounter in Bless Online. It has a mystical power that can be identified as both scary and beautiful. Using its powers, it can heal its allies when down. But healing is not just its job, it can also deal heavy magic damage.

To maximize and unleash the real power of a priest, the best weapons to use and choose from are a wand and a staff. Just like the archer, a priest should maintain his or her lightness which is why a robe is the most recommended armor for it.

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