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BLACKTAIL: How to Fix Controller Not Working on PC

Is your controller stopping you from fighting Baba Yaga? Here are some solutions to get your controller working again!




BLACKTAIL How to Fix Controller Not Working on PC

BLACKTAIL is a newly-released first-person shooter with action-adventure elements, developed by THE PARASIGHT. Though just launched, the game has already made an impact with many positive reviews.

However, some issues have occurred when playing the game with a controller on PC. While many prefer to use the mouse and keyboard combo for first-person shooters, others still gravitate toward a good old controller, so this issue can hamper the experience for some.

If you are having trouble returning to your supernatural, archery-fueled adventure due to controller issues, here are some solutions to get you back in.

Disconnect/Reconnect Controller & Restart PC

Disconnect Reconnect Controller Restart PC

Though this may seem like a simple solution, it does work more often than not. PCs occasionally disconnect controllers through the software during resets or updates, so disconnecting and reconnecting, then resetting your computer, will reestablish the connection and hopefully get you back in the action.

To restart your PC, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Desktop.
  • Press Alt + F4.
  • Drop-down Restart and click OK.

Enter Big Picture Mode on Steam

Enter Big Picture Mode on Steam

Steam doesn’t always play nice with controllers. If you are trying to use your controller in conjunction with Steam, enter Big Picture Mode, found to the left of the minimize window button.

In many cases, Big Picture Mode will solve the issue. However, numerous controller options within Big Picture Mode allow you to optimize your controller to work with Steam, so long as you are in Big Picture Mode prior to launching BLACKTAIL.

Update Drivers

Update Drivers

Finally, if all else fails, update your drivers. Drivers are the software within your PC that ensure your peripherals (controllers, mice, keyboards) are working to the best of their ability. Typically, drivers will update as soon as a peripheral is plugged in, but that isn’t always the case, especially with third-party hardware.

To update the drivers on your controller:

  1. Search “Device Manager” within applications on your PC.
  1. Look for your controller; it will either be in the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section or the “Sound, video and game controller” section. To be sure you are updating the correct controller, disconnect and reconnect it; the controller will disappear and reappear when doing so.
  1. Side-click the controller and click “Update driver.” Restart your PC following the update, and it should be good to go.
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