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Blacktail: Accept Boruta’s Pact | Devil’s in the Details Achievement Guide

A two-step guide to unlocking this achievement

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Blacktail Accept Borutas Pact Devils in the Details Achievement Guide

Blacktail is an action, adventure, and story-driven game that uses Slavic mythology in its plot. Players can customize their playstyles by unlocking skills from a detailed skill tree.

Although this game draws a sizable number of players from the adventure genre, it also draws completionists as a subgroup of gamers

These players’ motivation comes from achieving every single achievement the game offers. The Devil’s in the Details Achievement is one of the many achievements available to the player base to unlock. With this simple guide, you can unlock this with relative ease.

Step 1: Encounter Boruta

Boruta is an NPC that you will randomly encounter in the game. Unfortunately, there is no current fixed pattern to which this NPC will spawn. You may have to randomly run around the map in your free time on the off chance that you will encounter him.

Encounter Boruta
Image source: Game Guides Channel

Step 2: Sign the Contract

Once you encounter Boruta, simply interact with him and listen to his relatively short dialogue. Once he’s done with his dialogue, he will reach out a contract in your direction offering you only care.

Once you choose the sign option, he will laugh menacingly and dramatically disappear from the map. The notification will then pop up that you have unlocked the achievement.

You can also notice that you will receive some evil standing and a randomly timed buff. You can try these out on the monsters in the vicinity.

Sign the Contract
Image source: Game Guides Channel

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