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Black Desert: New Upcoming Class Guide

Learn how you can use the upcoming Woosa class!




Black Desert New Upcoming Class Guide

Black Desert has many options to choose from when it comes to combat and special abilities in the game.

With over 23 different classes in the game, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.

This gets even harder as a new class just released which is the Woosa.

The Woosa has a lot of skills that make her a great new class. While she doesn’t have grab or evasion buffs or debuffs, her skills have a maximum of +15 accuracy.

Let’s have a look at her skills and how to play the class.

Rain’s Thirst

Rains Thirst

Source: Black Desert Online

You can use Rain’s Thirst with (S + Q), which will provide you with a damage reduction buff for 4 seconds.

Woosa will remain still in Super Armor, absorbing any damage during this time. She absorbs this damage for 15 seconds, and the next attack she does reflects all of the damage taken as extra damage to her attack.

Woosa’s Awakening Weapon

Woosas Awakening Weapon

Source: Black Desert Online

Woosa’s awakening weapon will see her swap weapons with her sister, Maegu. She will also use a Charm as her awakening.

The opposite is true for Maegu, who will use Woosa’s fan as her awakening weapon.

Because Woosa is so new to the game, players have yet to find out how best to utilize her and her skills.

However, due to her vast moveset and impressive stats, it is clear she has a lot of potential which will surely come to light in the near future as players have more of a chance to learn the class. 

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