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Black Desert Mobile: How to Unlock Gentle Fairy & Album Location Guide

Turn your fairy into a Gentle one by doing this method.

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Black Desert Mobile How to Unlock Gentle Fairy Album Location Guide

In Black Desert Mobile, you can have a fairy companion who will help you out by boosting your attack and defense. The fairy has 12 distinct personalities, each of which can be accessed by manipulating one of its six traits.

The traits of your fairy will determine the personality it can obtain. You may save the memories of each fairy personality in the album by taking screenshots.

If you complete them, you may gain a bonus to a stat. We’ll explain how to unlock a Gentle fairy and how to find the location for its album.

Gentle Fairy

Gentle Fairy

Source: IceXgame

As the name implies, a Gentle Fairy may only be obtained by raising the Friendly trait. Getting a Gentle Fairy becomes more accessible as the friendly trait rises. Making a Fairy Bond, Talk, Request, or Fairy Event will do this.



Source: IceXgame

The Gentle fairy can be captured in two separate places. Clues are accessible by tapping Gentle 1 and Gentle 2 in the album.

Album 1

Source: IceXgame

In the Southern Guard Camp is where you’ll find the first. It’s perched high on a rock, close to two massive splintered trees. Visit that location and snap a screenshot to unlock Gentle 1.

Album 2

Source: IceXgame

The Orc Encampment is our second stop. It can be found in the valley below the suspension bridge. Visit the spot and take a screenshot to unlock the Gentle 2 memory.

Storing these memories will increase your stats. So, as soon as you develop a new fairy personality, complete the album to become stronger.

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