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Black Desert Mobile: Dine Horse Story & Tips

Looking for tips on how to get a beautiful horse? Seek no more!




Black Desert Mobile Dine Horse Story Tips

Black Desert Mobile is an immense multiplayer experience developed by the Korean video game company Pearl Abyss. Due to its engaging gameplay, amazing visuals, and engaging storytelling, it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular games in the Eastern gaming World.

As such, there are a lot of new players that may experience certain difficulties when trying to familiarize themselves with the game. Today, we have come up with a guide regarding one subject: How to tide a beautiful steed in Black Desert Mobile.

We know that fashion is one of the key elements to enjoying an RPG. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the game or a new player, looking good is always imperative.

To help you in this superfluous vanity affair, we want to look at what I personally think is the most beautiful horse in the game: The Dine.

How to obtain the Dine Horse

How to Obtain the Dine Horse


The Dine is a tier 9 dream horse with high stats and exclusive horse skills. As expected, this horse can quickly become a powerhouse with the proper skill (it can even heal your party members).

To get this beautiful unicorn horse, you need to train your T8 courser to get High Elegance. It’s very important you focus on this stat rather than the rest since it increases your chances of getting the horse.

Getting Training Materials

Getting Training Materials


The requirements for training the horses are different, to raise Skill, you will need to get Rainbow Gem Fruits and Stone tail Fodder. The first can be found by exchanging 10 Shiny Golden Seals at the Imperial delivery.

The first can be found by exchanging 10 Shiny Golden Seals at the Imperial delivery. The latter can be created using Alchemy by farming Byproducts.

To raise the Strength stat, you will need Deep Blue Hoof Root and Pure Forest Breath.

You will find the Deep Blue Hoof Root easily by gathering a lot since it has a high chance of dropping. As for the Pure Forest Breath, it has a high chance of dropping after killing monsters, so you’d better be a good hunter.

Finally, for the elegance stat and our dreamed dine, you will need Breezy Conch Seaweed and Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beasts. For the first item, you will need to fish a lot, but it has a high chance of dropping. For the second, you will need to hunt specifically Blue Whale and Khalk. That is all for this guide! We hope you enjoy your flaming hot Dine Horse.

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