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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Making in Sons of the Forest | Tips and Tricks

Is it worth trusting your guts during survival?




Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Making in Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks

Sons of the Forest has finally been released in Early Access on Steam, letting players enjoy the thrill of camping in an unknown forest full of cannibals and mutants around.

Your main goal here is to collect enough resources and materials to supply the needed items for your survival as you uncover the island’s mystery.

However, if you haven’t played its prequel before, surviving can be tough. As such, we prepared this guide showing the top tips and tricks you can follow.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Sons of the Forest

Tips and Tricks in Playing Sons of the Forest

A lot of players are having a hard time getting the gist and technique of survival in Sons of the Forest. Some even barely get through the first night due to the lack of knowledge in dealing with enemies and properly setting up shelter.

To avoid those, you’d want to follow these tips and keep them in mind:

Explore the Crash Site

Explore the Crash Site
Source: KaidGames2

You start the game as a survivor of a helicopter crash. As such, you will have to gather all the items you can find on the crash site.

Whether you get some meds, food, or weapons if you are lucky, you have to take all these to be ready with whatever enemies you will have to initially encounter.

However, the crash sites will be different for each player. What you have to do here is to make yourself aware of the surroundings so that you can strategically pick the perfect spot for your shelter.

Explore the Crash Site 1
Source: KaidGames2

When wandering around the area, make sure the spot you choose is near resources such as logs, stones, berries, or other food sources.

Wandering Outside the Crash Site

Wandering Outside the Crash Site
Source: KaidGames2

After you establish your shelter, make sure not to dwell inside caves and forest camps. Although the cannibals that dwell in these locations can give you a lot of important resources, it is still not the right time for you to face them.

Aside from the fact that you might not be well-equipped yet, it is just better to play safe first. After all, there are still some loots that you can find around the areas near the crash site.

Best Starting Weapons

Best Starting Weapons

Another thing you have to remember is to pick the right starting weapons. Some players tend to immediately craft more advanced weapons.

However, the ideal starting weapon would be a spear and a bow. After all, both weapons are pretty easy to craft.

They only require basic materials that you can easily find around. Even though they are easily destroyed, crafting them won’t be that hard.

It also helps if you both have a ranged and a melee weapon to account for different scenarios.

Best Food

Best Food

Food is one of the most essential resources you should gather. But since there is just a limited source of food in the game, you must be able to maximize everything.

That said, blueberries are the best food that you can find. As you pick the fruits, you can destroy the plant and get its seeds which you can then plant to make your own blueberry farm.

Best Food 1

You can also find different types of berries on the island, though only the blueberries are edible.

Other berries will induce a side effect which you will immediately notice when you hear a weird crunch upon consuming them.

Refrain from Attacking Enemies

Refrain from Attacking Enemies

One common mistake done by most players is immediately fighting and killing cannibals that they meet on their way.

However, not attacking them can actually increase your chances of surviving.

This does not mean that you can just walk past them. What you have to do in this situation is either paint red on your body or wear a red mask. Doing this will make the cannibals believe that you are one of them.

However, using red paint can be a little risky as water or rain can erase it.

Swim to Survive

Swim to Survive

Luckily, cannibals and other creatures don’t know how to swim. You can use this to your advantage by jumping into deep water to escape an encounter.

Doing this will just cause the enemies to just walk away or drown themselves if they choose to pursue you.

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