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Best Way to Farm Gold in Chained Echoes

Follow this method to get rich in Chained Echoes faster

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Best Way to Farm Gold in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes does not have a traditional level system where you gain XP for your character and level them up to make them stronger. Instead, you can make them stronger by leveling up your skill or upgrading your gear.

Upgrading gear costs tons of resources and gold. We made this guide to help you farm gold quickly in Chained Echoes.


Preparation 2
Source: RPG Division

You need characters that have a passive skill that increases the chance of obtaining rare drops. The characters that have these are Sienna and Robb.

Sienna has the More Rare Drops passive while Robb has the Increased Drops passive. You also need to reach Act 3 and unlock Shambala.

Golden Borb Bob

More Rare Drops 1 1
Source: RPG Division

The monster that you need to kill is the unique monster, Golden Borb Bob. You can only spawn this monster if you have less than 100k gold in your wallet.

Source: RPG Division

With the increase drops from the passive of your characters, there is a chance that you can obtain Gold Nuggets and Platinum Nuggets. These are the items that you need to farm.

Gold Nuggets
Source: RPG Division

Once you have the prerequisite to spawn Golden Borb Bob, go to this exact location in Shambala. You will know if you’ve done it successfully if there’s a golden egg on the ground.

Shambala 1
Source: RPG Division

Keep in mind that you can do this again and again, you just need to unlock the fast travel crystal close to the spawn area of the Golden Borb Bob. Additionally, Teleporting to a crystal after killing Golden Borb Bob will make him respawn again.

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