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Best Tips to Improve Your Playstyle in T3 Arena | New Player Guide

Dreaming of becoming a Pro T3 Arena player? Here’s a guide for you.




As most people say, practice makes perfect. It is true, however, there are also some more efforts that you have to exert to become the best on the battlefield.

T3 Arena is comprised of different heroes played by different players with different playstyles. You would not easily know who is good and who is not. But what we want to be is the best.

Surprise your opponents with your shocking moves and spectacular skill usage by learning from this guide.

New Player Guide for T3 Arena

Source: ECHO Gaming

Because of the growing community of T3 Arena, lots of beginner players would like to know how to be good at this game.

As you already know, this game is more than just shooting and landing attacks on your enemies. T3 Arena is something much more than that.

So enough for the introductions and let’s get into it.

Choose the Best Hero

The most obvious thing you should know in playing T3 Arena is knowing what hero is best suited for you.

This also includes your understanding of their weapons and abilities. At first, it might be difficult for you to pick out your main hero because you still have to unlock other heroes. So it will surely take a while for you to pick the most suitable hero for you.

Familiarize Maps

Source: ECHO Gaming

Map awareness is the next thing you should have in playing shooting games such as T3 Arena. Different game objectives use different maps. Because of this, you have to be fully aware of every corner of the map to easily execute your made-up strategies.

Level Up Your Heroes

Source: ECHO Gaming

The only way to successfully unleash the full potential of your hero is to upgrade them. However, leveling up your heroes will take a while so you should carefully think about the decision on which hero to upgrade.

You might consider upgrading several heroes to max up so that you will have different options for different maps and game modes.

Know Healing Spots

Source: ECHO Gaming

On each map, there are designated spots wherein you can heal. Be familiar with these spots so that you know where to run if your HP is already running low.

For example, on the Uranius Station map, you can spot healing spots both on the first and second floors. You can easily locate these areas by looking at the Stage Info. Green icons on the map signify heals.

Familiarize Game Modes

Source: ECHO Gaming

If you are a new player, you should remember that this game is not like other shooting games that only revolve around a battle royale. T3 Arena has different game modes which means each has different objectives.

If you want to perform better in this game, you must try and memorize the objectives of each game mode to easily formulate your team strategy.

Power Core

Source: ECHO Gaming

If you are not the type of player who grinds the game to level up heroes, you can resort to buying power cores in the shop for some coins. Through this, you can easily upgrade your hero to level 10.

When you successfully reached the maximum level of your hero, it will be easier for you to dominate the fight because all the abilities are unlocked.

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