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Best Support in Summoners War Chronicles

Don’t miss out on acquiring this overpowered support

Edmond Herrera



Best Support in Summoners War Chronicles

Playing support is quite possibly the most underrated job in gaming. Not only is it essential for winning every fight(especially against bosses), but not players don’t fight for enjoyment and playing support because they think it’s boring.

In Summoners War Chronicles, support is the most important character you have to choose. There are a lot of support builds and characters to choose from.

But, as with most games that have a balanced META, there is a definite best choice to choose from.

This guide is going to show you which support is best and tell you exactly why you should have this character in your roster before you venture out in your next quest.

Who is the Best Support in Summoners War?

Without any drumroll or suspense, the best support in Summoners War Chronicles is Rina. She’s the definite best support, especially against boss fights because of a few definitive characteristics she has.

  • Rina’s ultimate removes all harmful effects
  • It also applies a shield
  • While applying healing to nearby allies

Other support heroes focus on merely applying heal to your applies to mitigate damage. While this is not wrong, it’s not enough especially if you’re up against a strong boss.

Who is the Best Support in Summoners War
Image source: Trollgaming

The illustration above features one of the latest strong bosses in the game, Laboratory of Madness. This boss is notorious for applying the harmful effect of electric shock.

Many players find the shock very annoying since it applies damage over time on top of its strong basic attacks. Rina can remove the electric shock effect, completely removing the damage that was supposed to be applied to you.

Her shield also mitigates damage and applies a healing effect, restoring the damage applied to your DPS. I hope this has convinced you to try out Rina on your next boss battle. As stated, she is the best, and including her in your roster of heroes will help you immensely!

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