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Best Settings for Fire Emblem Engage

Enjoy the experience on a whole new level!




Best Settings for Fire Emblem Engage

We know how much gamers love games with beautiful graphics. However, when a game has beautiful graphics and great gameplay, we know for sure the title will be a great experience.

Regardless if you enjoy the gameplay or not, the game will look beautiful.

We have crafted this guide so you can experience Fire Emblem Engage at 4K and in no more and no less than 60 FPS.

Check this guide for more info on the settings you should adjust.

Emulator Settings

Emulator Settings
  • Yuzu emulator Early Access 3310
  • Limit Speed Percent: 200% (used with 60FPSMOD)
  • Rendering API: Vulkan
  • Use asynchronous GPU emulation: ON
  • Accelerate ASTC texture decoding: ON
  • NVDEC emulation: Use global configuration.
  • Resolution: 3X (2X is more than enough and not as taxing)
  • Window Adapting Filter: Scale Force
  •  Anti-Aliasing Method: SMAA
  •  Advanced Graphics Accuracy Level: NORMAL
  •  Force maximum clocks (Vulkan only): OFF (Turn ON if using AMD GPU)
  •  Use asynchronous shader building (Hack): ON
  •  Use Fast GPU Time (Hack): ON
  •  Multicore CPU Emulation: ON
  •  CPU Accuracy: AUTO

We hope these settings will improve your gaming experience as much as they did with us. Remember to check for other programs or apps running in the background that may hamper the performance of the game.

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