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Best Perks and Skills to Use for Rogue in Dark and Darker

A Guide for the most versatile class

Edmond Herrera



Best Perks and Skills to Use for Rogue in Dark and Darker a

Dark and Darker is a fantasy dungeon adventure game that pits you against a wide variety of monsters in search of loot.

One of the famous features of this genre is the class system. This feature makes players choose a class that possesses unique abilities and traits that fit their playstyle.

Dark and Darker provides a diverse class system that caters to solo players and players playing with a party. Specifically, the Rogue class caters to players that are both solo players and players that play in parties.

This guide will teach you the different perks and skills of the Rogue class so you can optimize it for your playstyle and for the best performance.

Rogue Perks

AmbushThe first attack within 3 seconds after being released from stealth deals 50% additional weapon damage as damage.
BackstabIncreases physical damage bonus by 30% when attacking from behind the target.
Creep  Reduces sound when walking or crouching. This is perfect for stealthy players that plan to ambush their enemies
Dagger Expert  5% more damage when wielding daggers
Hidden Pockets  Items worn in utility slots do not appear on the waist.
PickpocketYou can steal an item’s item from the dungeon
Lockpick ExpertAbility to pick locks without a lockpick
Pick PocketYou can steal at enemy’s item from the dungeon
Poisoned WeaponA successful attack applies poison that deals 4 magic damage over 4 seconds. The potion can stack up to 5 times at once.
StealthIf you are hiding, you can move 10 steps while crouching or slow walking
Trap DetectionHighlights Trap and gives you the ability to disarm them

Rogue Skills

HideEnable invisibility, can change equipment while invisible, but cannot move
Rupture+20 damage over 5 seconds on your next attack  
Smoke Bomb-15% enemy movement speed for 20 seconds over a 7.5meter atea
Weak Point Attack+50% weapon damage on next attack, and reduced target’’s defense by 50% for 5s

Best Perks and Skills to Use for Rogue in Dark and Darker

These are the Best Perks and Skills for Rogue Players that play solo:

Best Perks and Skills to Use for Rogue in Dark and Darker
Image source: itssobetv
  • Hide
  • Rupture
  • Lockpick Expert
  • Poison Weapon
  • Creep
  •  Dagger Expert

As a solo Rogue player, you must be able to deal a great deal of damage while at the same time being nimble enough to move around in a stealthy way.

You must also have a significant advantage with opening chests and picking locks so you can get easy access to certain areas of the map. These skills will help you be a self-sufficient rogue.

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