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Best Class Setups in Battlefield 2042

The best setups to give you an edge in the 3.2 Classes update.




Best Class Setups in Battlefield 2042

When Battlefield 2042 launched, old-school fans of the series were conflicted over the lack of classes and moved towards unique specialist characters.

The developers have finally listened, however, and have brought back the Class system to BF2042.

Merging the class and specialist systems, update 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 strives to move the game closer to the class-based gameplay of its predecessors.

As for which setups are best under this new system? Well, read on to find out.

Best Class Setups in Battlefield 2042

Best Class Setups in Battlefield 2042 2

Source: Eurogamer

First off, one important thing to note is that every class can still use every weapon. There are no weapon limitations of any kind, unlike past Battlefield games.

However, each class has a special proficiency bonus with certain weapon types. These are as follows:

  • Assault + Assault Rifles – 3 Extra Magazines
  • Engineer + LMG – Improved Dispersion while Crouched or Prone
  • Support + SMG – Faster Draw Time
  • Recon + Sniper Rifles – Immediate, constant, and steady scope

On the other hand, the class system does introduce limitations to gadgets. Gadgets are now limited per class type.

This change mostly came as a way to limit the availability of rocket launchers, according to the developers.

Also, every specialist has a specialist gadget that they can use alongside the general class gadgets.

Lastly, there’s some openness to these class setups. Treat them as guidelines and not as hard set rules. This is especially true in the case of Engineers and Supports.

What ultimately works for you will depend on your playstyle and preferences. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the best setups for each class.



Source: IGN

When playing the Assault class, your goal is to focus on taking out infantry. Vehicles are best left for the Engineers to take out.

You can also use your mobility to flank enemies, taking them out before they can react.

  • Best Specialist: Mackay
  • Best Primary Weapons: Weapon vault assault rifles such as the ACW-R, A-91, and M416 benefit most from the class proficiency.
  • Best Gadgets: C5 Explosive if you’re destroying vehicles and IBA Armor Plate if you’re focused on fighting people.
  • Best Grenades: Smoke Grenade as it makes Mackay able to easily slip away from combat.



Source: IGN

The Engineer class has two roles: fortifying ally units and taking out enemy vehicles. Specialists in this class can also deploy sentry guns to take out enemies and lay suppressive fire.

Note that as of the 3.2 update, sentry guns now prioritize vehicle targets.

  • Best Specialists: Lis for anti-vehicle while Crawford for anti-air and repair.
  • Best Primary Weapons: While Engineers have more proficiency with LMGs such as the LCMG, you can use whichever weapon you’re most comfortable with. The LMG proficiency is not a game changer.
  • Best Gadgets: Anti-Tank Mine or C5 Explosive for Lis while the FXM-33 AA Missile or FGM-148 Javelin for Crawford.
  • Best Grenades: Same with weapons, grenades for the Engineer class are up to personal preference. Pick whatever fits your playstyle the best.



Source: IGN

As the name indicates, this class supports its allies. Don’t focus on fighting; instead, focus on providing healing and ammo to your allies.

Keep your teammates alive and ready to fight as much as you can.

  • Best Specialist: Falck
  • Best Primary Weapons: Just like Engineers, the SMG class proficiency isn’t a make-it-or-break-it deal. Assault Rifles and SMG might be the best fit for the class, but it’s up to your personal preference.
  • Best Gadgets: Ammo Crate for nearly infinite ammo or Smoke Grenade Launcher to avoid detection from enemies. Note that the Smoke Grenade Launcher shoots 3 smoke grenades for each ammo.
  • Best Grenades: Depends on which gadget you pick. Smoke Grenades if you have the Ammo Crate gadget or Frag Grenades if you have the Smoke Grenade Launcher gadget.



The Recon class is all about scouting and sniping high-value targets. Detect enemies before they pose much of a threat and take them out.

With the Tracer Dart Gun, this class can also help Engineers take out enemy vehicles.

  • Best Specialist: Rao
  • Best Primary Weapons: You’ll want to use Sniper Rifles with this class. DXR-1 and SWS-10 are some of the best choices in this category.
  • Best Gadgets: Prox Sensor to detect enemies before they get the drop on you or the Tracer Dart Gun if there are Javelin users in your team. Meanwhile, go for C5 Explosive if you have no use for the other gadgets.
  • Best Grenades: Grenade is entirely up to your personal preference for this class.

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