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Best Characters You Need to Max First in T3 Arena | Hero Tier List

Looking for the best hero suited for you? Here are the best heroes in T3 Arena.




T3 Arena Best Heroes to Main

T3 Arena is a hero shooter that involves different characters with unique skills and abilities that you have to understand to perfectly execute.

Today, there are 23 playable heroes from which you can choose your main. As a beginner, you can go and try out different characters to find which one is perfect for you. But to make it easier for you, we prepared a list of the five best heroes that you can try in T3 Arena.

Best Characters You Need to Max First in T3 Arena

Best Characters You Need to Max First in T3 Arena

In this guide, we will feature the top five heroes that you can choose from to use on the battlefield. To be frank, you have to max the heroes first so that you can unlock their full potential.

However, it takes a long while to grind and upgrade your hero’s level to the maximum. Having said that, you have to think carefully about which heroes you will commit your time and effort to. With that, here are the five heroes that you would want to consider maxing out first.

Let’s start with the top 5.

Top 5

Ruby Hero Top 5 1

The top 5 best hero to max first will be Ruby. With her Bolts of Fate, she fires these cards in a fan-shaped attack on the enemies.

Ruby Skills
Source: ReTreON

What makes Ruby a good hero to max out is because of her ability to deal with long-ranged damage while tanking the enemies’ incoming damages.

Her mid to long-range attacks vary their damage. The closer the enemy gets to Ruby, the higher the chance for her to land all three cards, and the higher the damage dealt.

To use this hero effectively, try jumping before shooting your basic attack to easily aim at the enemy’s head.

Top 4

Hunter Top 4 hero

The next hero is Hunter. As his name implies, this hero is best for sneak kills or high-damage attacks from a long distance.

With his long-ranged assault rifle gun, he can shoot an accurate shot to the enemy’s location. Hunter’s attacks also deal high burst damage.

Hunter Skills
Source: ReTreON

With his active skill, Flare Round, he can easily detect nearby enemies while still receiving a temporary movement speed boost.

Since Hunter is also a good hunter from a long distance, you can use his ultimate ability, Rotation Runner, to push back nearby enemies.

Top 3

Shell Top 3 Hero

Next best hero to max out is Shell. Her beam attacks from her prosthetic arm are the best for dealing damage from a short distance.

Shell Hero Skills
Source: ReTreON

With Shell’s close-range burst damage, enemies who lurk and try to give a sneak attack will be surprised by her high-damage beam. Together with the perfect use of her active ability, Shadow-Walk, she can easily make a surprise attack on the enemies.

Shell is also a good front because of her life-steal passive skill called Energy Resonance which restores HP as she successfully hits an enemy.

Top 2

Skadi Top 2 Hero

The top 2 badass characters that you would want to max out is Skadi.

Skadi is another hero that is good for close-range combats. Her Kraken Keavy Pistol weapon is perfect for dealing solid damage per hit. Her basic attack also has a quick reload system which is perfect for simultaneous attacks.

Skadi Skills
Source: ReTreON

With her active skill, Dub-STOP, Skadi releases a sonic pulse that traps the opponents upon landing on them. Trapping an enemy makes it easier for Skadi to take down an enemy. You can also use Dub-Stop to redirect and reposition yourself.

Top 1

Sindri Best hero

The top 1 best hero to max out first in our list will be Sindri. Aside from the fact that she is highly beginner-user-friendly, Sindri is a good hero for dealing high damage.

Sindri Plasma Drill
Source: ReTreON

With Sindri’s Plasma Drill, you can fire three consecutive exploding projectiles at a time. To successfully make an easy kill, remember to use the turret first before you charge forward.

The good thing about your active skill, Rage Ball: Deploy, is that it will restore your HP over time once you retrieve it.

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