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Ben 10: Power Trip – All 3 Combat Challenge Locations

Locate and complete all 3 combat challenges in the following areas.




Ben 10 Power Trip All 3 Combat Challenge Locations

Ben 10: Power Trip is an action-adventure game set in the world of one of the most popular and beloved cartoon characters of all time. In this adventure of his, the player will take control of Ben 10 and explore a beautiful world filled with puzzles and all kinds of challenges.

As with all games, it is important to get some sort of currency to buy stuff around the game. We have been thinking about a reliable method that allows players to farm these coins quickly and easily.

We strongly believe that such a method involves finding and doing the combat challenges spread around the map.

While these challenges remain optional and are not required to be completed by the player in order the progress the game, we strongly suggest taking the extra time and effort of grinding them so you can become rich and enjoy the game!

Finding the Combat Challenge’s Locations

Finding the Combat Challenges Locations 4

Source: Trophy Tom

For the first combat challenge available, you will need to head to this space between two houses located in the Grashugel Forest.

Once at this spot, you will find this suspicious NPC claiming to be just a regular human. Interact with him to start the challenge and, after you’re done beating him, claim the reward and collect those sweet coins.

image 3

Source: Trophy Tom

The second combat challenge Ben will be facing in this ordeal is located at the Landlock Castle at Strudelbek city.

Right at the left of the entrance to the castle, you will find this curious NPC. As in the first case, interact with him to start the fight and get the sweet coins.

image 4

Source: Trophy Tom

The final and third combat challenge is in MT EISBURG, you will need to travel almost to the peak where you can find this stone shack.

Inside it, you will find another NPC claiming to be just another regular human. Once again and for the last time, interact with him to start the activity. You can use these locations to farm lots of coins, we hope this guide has been useful to you!

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