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Beginner’s Tips That You Need to Know Before Playing Illuvium Overworld

Here are some tips to get you started with Illuvium Overworld’s fast and frantic gunplay and auto battle mechanics.




Beginners Tips That You Need to Know Before Playing Illuvium Overworld

Illuvium Overworld is a blockchain-infused game that allows you to explore a vast open world to collect resources and Illuvium. The game is connected to numerous other games, including Illuvium Zero, an upcoming base-building mini-game.

Throughout the game, you must go to higher levels to collect better resources and rarer and more powerful Illuvial.

However, an exciting three-person shooter accompanies all of the exciting resources and Illuvial collecting. Within the overworld, you will find Singularities and other things you must shoot to collect resources.

With the addition of shooting mechanics, the game becomes much more exciting. This added mechanic enables Illuvium Overworld to resemble more traditional games than blockchain-based ones, which tend to look and play similarly to mobile games.

There are numerous moving parts within Illuvium Overworld, so it can be daunting to hop in. Here are some great tips for those looking to jump in! 

Beginner’s Tips for Illuvium Overworld

Jump & Shoot

Jump Shoot
Source: Illuvium

One of the greatest tips when it comes to mastering shooting within the game is to jump before trying to hit anything. When you jump and aim, time slows down briefly.

During this time, you can easily aim and shoot your target. Because of the effectiveness of this strategy, it should be used by both beginners and veterans alike.

Always Scan

Always Scan
Source: Illuvium

After using the ever-useful jump-and-shoot technique, you should always scan the singularity before picking it up.

Each time you pick something up, you use up energy. In the early game, there is a good chance that what you have picked up will not be of use to you, so be sure to scan it and make sure it is worth the energy before picking it up.

Use Beacons

Use Beacons
Source: Illuvium

While exploring areas, you will come across some places that are very rich in resources. Thankfully, there are helpful beacons that allow you to mark those places on your map so you can return to them and get any needed resources.

You can even quickly travel back to these beacons! Areas can be huge in this game, so marking essential regions can help you stay on top of resources.

Focus on Upgrades

Focus on Upgrades

You can do many things from Sanctum Mesa, your home base. Fuse Illuviums, access the main map, and much more. However, one of the most important things to focus on when starting is to upgrade your equipment.

A crucial part of your arsenal is Mozart, your little helper drone. It is best to ignore armaments, weapons, and other upgrades and first upgrade Mozart. How upgraded Mozart is determined by many things, most importantly, how many Illuvials you can carry.

By upgrading Mozart, you can carry a more diverse party of Illuvial, ensuring you have a well-rounded team that can take on anything.

Upgrading Mozart will also lead to reduced harvesting energy costs so that you can do more with less energy.

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