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Beginner’s Guide to Crafting – Gloria Victis

Everything you need to know about crafting in one place.




Beginners Guide to Crafting Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis has a crafting mechanic that allows players to gather and process materials to craft various items and equipment.

However, crafting in the game can be pretty convoluted or obtuse at first. Luckily, this guide is here to help you. Let’s have a look at how crafting works in the game.

The Basics of Crafting

The Basics of Crafting

Source: For The Boyz

For this guide, we’ll go over various of the basics of crafting in Gloria Victis. We’ll be dividing these into a series of tips.

Remember, this is a beginner’s guide, so we won’t go too in-depth on some of the systems. However, we’ll help you get your feet wet when it comes to crafting.

That said, here are the tips we’d recommend:

Hoard Everything

Hoard Everything

Source: For The Boyz

One of the first tips we can give you when it comes to crafting in Gloria Victis is to hoard everything.

As you play the game, you’ll come across a huge variety of materials, such as animal carcasses from animals you fight. It’s important to keep everything you can.

This will come in handy to ensure you aren’t missing basic materials when you wish to craft something.

Get the Starter Recipe Books

Get the Starter Recipe Books

Source: For The Boyz

Next, you should buy all the multi-recipe crafting books in your faction’s capital.

One of the best ones is the “Recipe: Animals Butchering Expanded” book. This book contains 19 recipes for butchering basically every animal in the game.

If you wish to get started with crafting, you can’t go wrong with this book. With this, you can get started turning all the carcasses you have into raw materials, such as furs and meats.

You can then further use these materials when crafting, such as using the meats to cook. This is a great way to pump your health and stamina stats.

Check Your Character Development Tree

Check Your Character Development Tree

You can access the Character Screen tab in the main menu. This tab hosts everything related to your character’s progression and skills.

Of course, this also includes crafting-related skills. For example, the Forestry and Mining skill trees will allow you to get better materials when progressed.

Make sure to check this out often, as you really want to start unlocking the skill nodes for crafting and gathering skills.

Smelt Raw Materials

Smelt Raw Materials

Some materials, such as the various ores, need to be smelted at a Bloomery.

You’ll need to place the materials into the Bloomery along with fuel, such as wood.

The nice thing here is that you can set large amounts of raw materials and leave them smelting. This way, you’ll earn Smelting and Refining experience, even if you’re not near the Bloomery!

Use Higher-Quality Workstations

Use Higher Quality Workstations

The various workstations and benches that you can use to craft come in varying quality.

If you happen to find or build a higher-quality workstation, you should prioritize using it more as doing so lead to much better results. Much like the workstations, crafted items and equipment come in different qualities.

It’s pretty straightforward: higher workstations have more chances of producing higher-quality items.

The workstations within your capital are relatively basic, so you might want to venture out into the world to find better workstations.

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