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Beasts of Bermuda: How to Get Glimmer Skin

Who says dinosaurs must look fierce all the time? Some want glitters too!




Beasts of Bermuda How to Get Glimmer Skin

Beasts of Bermuda is a totally different kind of multiplayer game. It lets you have a one-of-a-kind experience. In this game, you will have to play as a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature that dwells on land, water, or air.

Sastrei Studios made an entirely different attack on how they made the mechanics of the game.

You, as a player, will also live in a prehistoric age with other creatures included in your team. Your goal here is to survive on the island of Bermuda with the help of the attributes and abilities of the creatures chosen.

Although the game has impressive realistic visuals, the game still wants to add some fancy stuff to the game. You can also have skins in this game to modify your character.

How to Get Glimmer Skin in Beasts of Bermuda

How to Get Glimmer Skin in Beasts of Bermuda
Source: Beasts of Bermuda Wiki

While playing this game, you will also get a chance to earn exclusive skins. There are actually three types of exclusive skins in this game: Donor Exclusive Skin, Even Exclusive Skin, and Mystery Exclusive Skin.

In this case, the Glimmer skin is under the Donor Exclusive Skin. And what’s interesting about this is its signature ability to glow in the dark, hence the name glimmer.

What is a Donor Exclusive Skin

In Beasts of Bermuda, Donor Exclusive Skins refer to those skins that you can have after donating enough to the game before it was launched on Steam. In simple words, if you are a new player, there is no chance for you to own this kind of skin.

On a good note, if you have donated enough before, then you can have glimmer skin.

There are five types of skins you can have, and each of them differs in the type of creature and how much donation is required.

Glimmer Megalosaurus

Glimmer Megalosaurus

This has to be the cheapest that you can get under these donor-exclusive skins. The Glimmer Megalosaurus can be earned after donating $70 for the Mighty Megalosaurus rank.

Glimmer Acrocanthosaurus

Glimmer Acrocanthosaurus

To get the Glimmer Acrocanthosaurus, you should have donated $120 for the Accredited Acrocanthosaurus rank.

Glimmer Mosasaurus

Glimmer Mosasaurus

For the Glimmer Mosasaurus, you have to be able to donate a total of $600 for the Menacing Mosasaurus rank. It was quite pricey but it sure has a very impressive design for the skin.

Glimmer Tyrannosaurus rex

Glimmer Tyrannosaurus rex

The Glimmer Tyrannosaurus rex was collected by players by donating $1000 for the Terrifying Tyrannosaurus rank.

Glimmer Apatosaurus

Glimmer Apatosaurus

Down to the last and the best one so far. The Glimmer Apatosaurus was earned by donating $2,800 for the Amazing Apatosaurus rank. Aside from that, players who donated for this can also request for a creature of their choice to be added in the game.

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