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Bannerlord: How to Upgrade Workshop

Learn how to upgrade a Workshop to get more resource output.

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Bannerlord How to Upgrade Workshop

To keep your army fed in Bannerlord, you need to make many investments. You can trade using caravans combined with a Workshop.

In case you’re wondering, the Workshop is a building that can produce resources, and we will help you learn how to upgrade it.

Upgrading a Workshop

Upgrading a Workshop

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

The towns in Bannerlord have specific resources that they produce depending on the villages linked to that settlement. For example, a Phycaon or an Askar Town makes Grains.

To fully utilize its resources, you can build a Workshop.

If you have a town that mainly produces Grain, you can build a Brewery. This Workshop will turn Grain into Beer, giving you more profit if you sell it to NPC caravans or set up your own caravan.

Another excellent Workshop is a Smithy. You can make your own weapons and armor if you have one.

Upgrading a Workshop 1

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

As you can see in the Workshop menu, there is a Level along with the status, capital, and many more. However, currently, there is no way to upgrade or level up a Workshop.

With this limitation, you can only make about 200 gold per Workshop. We can only hope that the developers will add an upgrade feature to the Workshop.

In that case, the amount of Gold you will receive will be enough to dominate every city or town in your vicinity.

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