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Bannerlord: How to Get Rid of Companion

Learn how to leave your companion in Bannerlord.




Bannerlord How to Get Rid of Companion

In Bannerlord, there are companions who are specialized units that become a part of your team and will, of course, take the slots.

These types of units can be designated in different areas such as personal bodyguards, town guides, or even town leaders.

However, these companions might somehow affect how you will play the game. Some players find their companions annoying.

If you happen to be one of them, you can just get rid of your companions instead. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Get Rid of Companions in Bannerlord

How to Get Rid of Companions in Bannerlord 1

Despite the diversity of roles that a companion can fit in, players just really prefer not to have one on the team.

To remove companions in your squad, simply follow these methods:

Leave the Town

Leave the Town

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

When letting go of your companion, the first thing you have to do and remember is leave your town or castle. It’s because you can’t do it if you are in one.

However, make sure that the companion you want to remove is in your party.

Leave the Town 1

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

You can easily check if that unlucky companion is there if you go and see your party members.

Talk to Your Companion

Talk to Your Companion

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Once you have already left the town, go back to your party members, look for the companion you want to get rid off, and click the message button.

Talk to Your Companion 1

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Doing this will trigger a conversation between the two of you.

Simply follow these answers: About your position in the clan… > I no longer have need of your services > then, choose whatever reason you have.

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