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Atomic Heart: Where to Find Pashtet Ergonomic Handle Location

Open the Gold Chest in Testing Ground 9 to get the Pashtet Ergonomic Handle

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Atomic Heart Where to Find Pashtet Ergonomic Handle Location

Upgrading your weapon in Atomic Heart can give you benefits like increasing its damage. However, to do that, you need to get a blueprint to do it.

The Pashtet is a one-handed weapon with the highest speed in Atomic Heart.

One of the blueprints to upgrade it is the Ergonomic Handle, and we will show you its location.

Getting the Pashtet Ergonomic Handle in Atomic Heart

Handle for the Pashtet
Source: WoW Quests

The Ergonomic Handle for the Pashtet can be obtained inside Testing Ground 9, located southeast of the Kollektiv Complex.

Unlocking Testing Ground 9

Unlocking Testing Ground 9
Source: WoW Quests

To unlock Testing Ground 9, you must head to this location to find a utility hole leading to a boiler room.

utility hole
Source: WoW Quests

Upon reaching the boiler room, you need to activate four boilers using the candles inside the right side of the room.

pass through the other side
Source: WoW Quests

After you activate them, you can now pass through the other side. Continue the path until you reach a Polymer.

the location

Use the Polymer to go outside the sewers, then head to the location in the image.

Polymer to go outside
interacts with the device

The location on the roof of a house interacts with the device, then control the camera indicated in the image above and makes it face towards the statue to unlock the elevator towards Testing Ground 9.

Go to the wooden shack near the statue, interact with the button, and descend to Testing Ground 9.

Inside Testing Ground 9

Inside Testing Ground 9

The first puzzle in Testing Ground 9 is the spinning device. Use your glove’s Polymeric Jet abilities on the device’s base, then use Shok to stop it from turning. This will then open the door going further down.

submerged area

You will find yourself in another room with a submerged area after passing through the door. Get the Candle in the middle, then bring it towards the door to open it.

In the next room, a bronze chest on the left contains the KS-23 Collimator.

button that will open 1 1

Head downstairs to find a button that will open up one of the doors in the submerged area. Return to the previous room and dive into the submerged area to obtain another candle.

Candle towards

Carry that Candle towards the other side of the door and attach it. With this, you can obtain the first Candle without closing the door.

two Candles

Then use the two Candles to open the door inside the room.

interact with the button

Go inside the room and then interact with the button to open the door in the previous area.

To exit the room, retrieve the Candles and place them again on the stand near the door leading to the submerged area to open them.

Carry the Candles

Carry the Candles, then place them on the stands of the newly unlocked door. Once you open this door, you will see a weaker variant of Plyusch compared to the one in the Exhibition Center.

further downstairs

After clearing the enemies, head further downstairs to find another room with a door on top without any way towards it.

You will find a silver chest with the Dominator Impulse Divider along the way.

You must use Candles and then place them on a stand near a platform to make them appear. There is already one attached, so you must find another one.


Head to the back of the room, then face up and use Shok onto the plates on the ceiling to make the containers descend.

and use Shok onto

Step onto the container, then use Shok on the plates again to make it ascend and find the other Candle.

Shok on the plates

Place the Candle onto a stand, then climb up the platform.

After climbing the platform, grab the Candle that is not powering up the platform you are currently standing on, then place it on the stand of the next platform. Do this until you reach the door on top.

next platform

The last step is to retrieve the Candle and then use it to unlock the door on top.


After passing through the door, you will find a golden chest containing the Pashtet Ergonomic Handle and the Kalash Electromagnetic Polarizer.

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