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Atomic Heart: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | How to Play

Get in the shoes of a Union military investigator.




Atomic Heart Ultimate Beginners Guide How to Play

In Atomic Heart, you will be playing in a Soviet-era timezone with robots as one of the most common units you will see.

Here, you will witness what would happen if people enjoy living their lives to the fullest while leaving all the work to robots. Would it bring a utopia or the other way around?

But to avoid spoilers, we’ll just leave it up to you to find out. Instead, we’ll just focus on the basics of how to get started in the game.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Atomic Heart

Ultimate Beginners Guide for Atomic Heart

Source: Vulkan

Your whole playthrough in Atomic Heart will revolve around Facility 3826 in pursuit of knowing the reason why the whole manufacturing facility went silent for years.

To survive in this world, you have to fight anyone who comes your way. However, you can only do that once you understand the whole situation.

The World

The World

Source: Vulkan

As you step foot in this world, you will unveil a lot of places from different locations that you have to explore.

In each region, there are different types of enemies you can encounter. Moreover, they also hold a secret that can help you connect the missing pieces in the stories as you go on.

The World 1

Source: Vulkan

From time to time, you should also expect different puzzles that will unlock doors and secret passages. But if you are not good at solving puzzles, you don’t have to worry because that is not the only way to get through places.

You can also take the train, cars, or any vehicle that you can find.



The game is actually pretty complex, with a campaign mode that’s available in three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

You can also get two different endings which vary depending on the choices you made during your playthrough.

Campaign 1

During your campaign, you play as Major Sergel Nechaev, also known as P-3, an experienced solder with a Power Glove and AI which will help you solve puzzles and teach you how to get away with things.

Weapons and Upgrades

Weapons and Upgrades

Besides your power Glove, you will also have your own weapons. In fact, there are 12 different base weapons that you can eventually upgrade by crafting components.

The weapons that we currently have are the Railgun, Fat Boy, Dominator, Kalash, Electro, Fox, KS-23, MP, Pashtet, Snowball, Swede, and Zvezdochka.

Each of these weapons has different uses, so it is important to familiarize which weapon is best for fighting who.

Weapons and Upgrades 1

You can also increase the stats of each gun by collecting components that you can randomly find around the world.

Once you have enough resources, you can craft some attachments that you can add to your weapon to make it more effective.



Combat in Atomic Hearts is actually pretty dynamic and complicated as you have to be good at mixing the use of both melee and a gun.

Here, you will encounter two types of enemies: robots and mutants.

Robots are more vulnerable if you use either electricity or ice. On the other hand, mutants are weak against fire.

It’s important to familiarize this distinction so you can take them out easily in the open.

The Power Glove

The Power Glove

Among all the weapons, the best thing that you will have since the beginning would be your Power Glove. In fact, there are lots of things that you can do with it.

It’s capable of making shields and firing different elements, and you can even use it to control things around you. You can vacuum things or levitate and slam enemies on the ground.

Just like your weapon, you can also upgrade your Power Gloves skills using the Neuro Polymer.

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