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Atomic Heart: Tow Car Rail Puzzle Solution

Fix the tow car rail to bust open the gate!




Atomic Heart Tow Car Rail Puzzle Solution

Atomic Heart is full of puzzles, so much so that you can’t go more than 10 minutes without finding some sort of tricky room or mysterious artifact that requires your focus. 

One such puzzle is the tow car rail puzzle which is part of the As You Sow, So Shall You Reap quest. The objective is to move the tow car, but you can only do so after solving the puzzle.

Here’s how.

How to Solve the Tow Car Rail Puzzle

How to Solve the Tow Car Rail Puzzle
Source: Quick Guides

To start, you want to head over to facility 3826. Your goal here is to prevent a giant plant from growing up and killing you.

The yellow tow car contains a pesticide that will aid you in that quest. But to use it, you need to first solve a small puzzle involving six consoles located on platforms.

While the puzzle may seem intimidating at first, its core mechanic is simple: rotate the tow car in the right direction each time.

Each platform is located above the current level of the car, so getting to the right one is straightforward.

How to Solve the Tow Car Rail Puzzle 1
Source: Quick Guides

Each platform will have a console you can use to rotate and align the rails alongside two arrows to control the tow car. Since the tow car can only move in one direction, you only need to align it with the right track using the console.

Once you have aligned all the tracks correctly, the pesticide required to stop the plant’s growth will land in the correct spot and you will have completed the quest.

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