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Atomic Heart: Submarine Dream Puzzle Solution

Face the depths of your mind and solve the puzzle of the Submarine Dream.




Atomic Heart Submarine Dream Puzzle Solution

The Submarine Dream happens during the story of Atomic Heart. In this twisted sequence, we’ll dive into the depths of our protagonist’s mind.

The sequence can be very trippy and disorienting, so you might be wondering what it is you even have to do.

Worry not! We’ll show you how to overcome the Submarine Dream puzzle sequence in this guide.

How to Solve the Submarine Dream Puzzle

How to Solve the Submarine Dream Puzzle

Source: WoW Quests

As soon as the Submarine Dream sequence begins, you’ll find yourself inside a humble shack. Head outside and a voice will beckon you. You should also see some floating apples.

The floating apples don’t really have an effect, but they guide your path. Follow the trail of apples through the twisted warzone until you reach the Submarine proper.

On the Submarine, you’ll notice some rockets that come out of the submarine and then return inside it. You’ll need to carefully traverse through them.

How to Solve the Submarine Dream Puzzle 1

Source: WoW Quests

Look for the shaking on the rockets’ covers. This signals that a rocket is about to come out. Make sure to stand away from them and just wait for the rocket to come out and return.

If you do get hit by a rocket, you’ll be shot high into the sky. Be very careful and try to land on top of the submarine if this happens. If you fall off, you’ll have to restart the process by climbing the submarine.

How to Solve the Submarine Dream Puzzle 2

Source: WoW Quests

Once you get past the rockets, you’ll come to a set of floating platforms leading to an airplane. Carefully jump from platform to platform until you reach the plane.

On the plane, hop over a tripwire and keep going forward. You should see a circular door that’s opening and closing automatically. Reach it and wait for it to open.

The Submarine Dream sequence will end as soon as you go through the circular door, waking your character up.

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