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Atomic Heart: How to Pick Locks | Lockpicking Guide

You’ll need to pick locks to access certain areas in the game.




Atomic Heart How to Pick Locks

Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter video game launched on February 21, 2023.

One of its key features is the game’s real-time Lockpicking system, which allows players to access locations and things by circumventing security systems.

The Lockpicking mechanism in Atomic Heart presents players with a thrilling and realistic challenge.

This feature adds complexity, making traveling through restricted sections much tougher.

Naturally, it requires the same procedures and ideas as real-world lockpicking.

If you want to know how to open locked doors and pick locks in Atomic Heart, this article will teach you how!

Door Locks

Door Locks
Source: FP Good Game

To pick ordinary Door Locks, you must interact with them by rotating the lock with the left joystick and moving your glove tendrils with the right joystick.

Consider the glove tendrils your lockpick, and manipulate the lock appropriately until it rotates to the right.

To put it simply:

  • Rotate the Cable using the left joystick.
  • Turn the lock horizontally by pressing the X button.
  • To open the lock, turn it 90 degrees. You’ll need to turn the Cable left and right until you locate the correct position.

Clicking Locks

Clicking Locks
Source: FP Good Game

To unlock Clicking Locks, press the X/A button when the red light beneath an extended fuse illuminates to convert them all green.

These are the most common locks in the game, and they’re pretty easy to solve if you time it well.

The secret to these locks is to be patient and time the red light perfectly, as it will speed up and change direction.

If you cannot unlock the lock within the time limit, you may quit and retry as many times as necessary.

Code Locks

Code Locks
Source: FP Good Game

For Code Locks, look for a solution in the surrounding area. These locks are considered uncommon, although you will encounter a handful throughout the game.

Code Locks resemble huge circles with several buttons on them. You can’t open these locks until you find the answer somewhere in the game.

For example, the first one you come across contains a solution that only the Station Master is aware of.

To solve it, you must locate his body by speaking to one of the surrounding dead bodies and following its instructions.

The answer is written on a scrap of paper beside the Station Master’s body.

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