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Atomic Heart: How to Get AK-47 (Kalash)

Get this classic strong Assault Rifle and take down the hostile robots.




Atomic Heart How to Get AK 47 Kalash

The Kalash is one of the many weapons you can acquire in Atomic Heart. Based on the real-life AK-47, the Kalash is a very strong assault rifle.

However, weapons in Atomic Heart are only acquired by finding blueprints. You’ll also need to then craft the weapon using various resources.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find the blueprint for the Kalash!

How to Get AK-47 (Kalash) in Atomic Heart

How to Get AK 47 Kalash in Atomic Heart

Source: FP Good Game

Weapon blueprints in Atomic Heart can be obtained by looting the various chests in the game’s open-world areas and dungeons.

However, the blueprints are random. This sadly means that there’s no guaranteed way to get the blueprint for the Kalash or any other weapon. Instead, you have to thoroughly explore every location and loot open every chest you find.

Use your scan to ensure that you don’t miss any chests. Make sure that you fully explore the Vavilov Complex when you’re taken there during the game’s main campaign.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the Kalash blueprint in the Vavilov Complex, many players report obtaining the weapon from this location, specifically in the Cold Lab room.

How to Get AK 47 Kalash in Atomic Heart 1

Source: FP Good Game

Additionally, make sure to explore the various Testing Grounds found in the game’s overworld. These optional dungeons are full of chests which increases your chances of getting blueprints.

On the upside, the randomness of the blueprints also means that you will never miss any of the weapons.

As you progress through Atomic Heart’s story, areas you visited might become inaccessible. But since blueprints can be found from any chest randomly, you won’t miss anything after the areas are locked.

How to Get AK 47 Kalash in Atomic Heart 2

Source: FP Good Game

So there you have it. Scan every area thoroughly and open every chest and you should get the blueprint for the Kalash eventually.

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