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Atomic Heart: How to Find a Way to Hit the Polymer

Let us tell you how to reach the Polymer in Atomic Heart.




Atomic Heart How to Find a Way to Hit the Polymer

The Polymer is a viscous substance in Atomic Heart that has a variety of functions. Sometimes, you can find pools of Polymer to swim through.

Such is the case during the “In Hot Pursuit” quest, where you’ll need to reach a pool of Polymer that’s hanging from the ceiling.

If you’re having trouble with this section in Atomic Heart, read on and we’ll tell you how to complete this objective.

How to Find a Way to Hit the Polymer in Atomic Heart

In Hot Pursuit
Source: Trophy Tom

You’ll have to find a way to hit the Polymer as part of the “In Hot Pursuit” quest, as stated previously.

As you follow your objective marker in this quest, you’ll reach a warehouse that has a pool of Polymer seemingly coming from the ceiling.

You should also notice two extremely fast forklift robots running around the room. One of them is carrying a crate.

low hanging Polymer

Follow your objective marker and stand under the low-hanging Polymer. Now, you’ll have to wait for the robot with the crate to raise the crate and run near the Polymer.

When the robot is finally close to the Polymer and has the create raised up, zap it with SHOK. This will stop it.

Note that there’s a delay as the robot comes to a full stop, so you’ll need to hit it a tad early. It’s not an instant brake.

Now jump into the Polymer

Regardless, the robot should be stopped near the Polymer. When it is, climb onto the crate it’s carrying. Now jump into the Polymer.

The objective should complete as soon as you start swimming in the Polymer. Now just follow your objective marker as you swim to continue the quest!

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