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Atomic Heart: How to Equip/Switch Cartridges

Equip and switch cartridges to enhance your guns!




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There are numerous weapon cartridges in Atomic Heart that can make your weapons more powerful.

Weapon cartridges are items that will give the weapon of your choosing an additional perk, usually in the form of increased damage or an elemental effect depending on the element.

Different enemies have different weaknesses as well, so learning about all of the cartridges can help you take down some enemies significantly easier.

However, the game won’t tell you how to change or equip a weapon cartridge. This guide will help you out instead.

How to Equip or Switch Cartridges

How to Equip or Switch Cartridges

Source: PrevailD

After you have gotten a weapon cartridge you want to use, you can easily change it through the quick item menu wheel by pressing the Square button on PlayStation or X on Xbox.

The quick item menu allows you to select different weapons and change your weapon’s cartridge. 

However, you must first set the items in the wheel by holding the button to open the menu, then pressing R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox to edit the slot.

How to Equip or Switch Cartridges 1

Source: PrevailD

After pressing the quick item menu button, you can press the Left Stick. Then, choose the cartridge you want to use and load it for your weapon.

The one you already have equipped will have a weapon icon near it.

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