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Atomic Heart: Combination Lock Puzzle Solution

Complete the combination lock puzzle in the Cable Car Station.




Atomic Heart Combination Lock Puzzle Solution

To proceed through Atomic Heart’s storyline, you must overcome many puzzles. One example is the game’s several unique locks, most of which can be solved without needing a unique code.

However, the combination locks at the Cable Car Station are an exception. That’s because they require the usage of a code.

Let’s uncover the solution to this puzzle in this guide!

How to Solve the Combination Lock Puzzle

How to Solve the Combination Lock Puzzle

Source: ZaFrostPet

As you arrive at the Cable Car Station, it is clear that all of the station’s employees have died.

You can find the cable car controls within the Control Booth. You’ll need the combo lock code to go inside. Sadly, the only person who knew the code was the Station Master.

Follow the objective markers if you want to get the code the way the game intended. You’ll need to locate the Station Master whose corpse is lying on the ground.

How to Solve the Combination Lock Puzzle 1

Source: ZaFrostPet

You will find the code on a piece of paper next to his corpse. The code for the cable car station combination lock is as follows:

  • Start with the upper middle button in the top left quadrant.
  • Then, the lower middle button.
  • Next, the button on the line between the two upper quadrants.
  • Lastly, the button on top of the second button you pressed.

As the figure above shows, this should result in a triangular pattern. Once you’ve done that, you should then be able to open the lock.

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