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Atomic Heart: All Lootyagin Locations in Testing Ground 2

Find all 3 Lootyagin in this optional location.




Atomic Heart All Lootyagin Locations in Testing Ground 2

Atomic Hearts has many optional locations full of goodies. To get the goodies, you must solve various puzzles and find the Lootyagins.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the puzzles required to reach the 3 Lootyagins in Testing Ground 2.

All Lootyagin Locations in Testing Grounds 2 in Atomic Heart

All Lootyagin Locations in Testing Grounds 2 in Atomic Heart
Source: 100% Guides

First of all, you’ll need to find Testing Ground 2 on your map. Head toward it and then find a thin white tower south of the large white cylinder.

white cyllinder

Go up the stairs to the top of the white tower and interact with the device there and select the camera east of the Testing Ground 2 circle. This will open up a white and blue hut.

Walk around the perimeter of the Testing Ground 2 structure until you find the hut that opened up. Enter it and you’ll be inside Testing Ground 2 itself.

First Lootyagin

Testing Ground 2 1
Source: 100% Guides

As soon as you enter Testing Ground 2, make a U-turn to your left and head down the hallway closest to the door.

You’ll be approached by two enemies at the end of the hallway. Take them out and then go straight forward from the hallway. You should end up in a room with a valve.

then use SHOK

Turn the valve once and then use SHOK on the magnets to your right. This should open the door to your left.

Now, wait for the turning platform. When it shows a room with a sofa and a red fence, jump on it quickly and go through the opening on the fence to find another valve.

platform shows a white
Source: 100% Guides

Turn the valve until the platform shows a white room similar to a hospital. Jump onto the platform and turn left to head to another room.

Bronze Lootyagin here.

As soon as you reach the hidden room, turn to your right and go through a door. You’ll find the Bronze Lootyagin here.

Second Lootyagin

Source: 100% Guides

Right after you grab the previous Lootyagin, turn around, and go back through the door you came through.

Turn right and press the button to take down the security lasers. Go through where the lasers were and turn right to go up a flight of stairs.

You’ll come into a large room with magnets on the ceiling. Head to your right and look for a wall that has some yellow metal beams you can grab onto.

ceiling with SHOK

Zap the magnets in the ceiling with SHOK and quickly grab onto the beams on the wall. Now jump to the wall to your right.

shimmy to your left

On the second wall, shimmy to your left and jump onto a red platform. Zap the blue magnets above you and jump onto the second red platform in front of you.

Jump onto the low red

Now turn around and face the platform you came from. Look up and notice the magnets in the ceiling are divided into red and blue sections. Use SHOK on both sections.

Jump onto the low red platform diagonally to your left. Shock the magnets right above you. Jump and dash toward the yellow metal beams on the wall in front of you.

Shimmy to your right from the wall and jump onto a blue platform. Zap the magnets above you once again and jump onto the yellow beams on the nearby wall.


On the beams, shimmy to your left and jump onto the red platform nearby. Invert the magnets above you one more time.

Climb the red platform that rose in front of you and then climb onto the yellow column. Move forward and stand on the grey metal.

yellow column

Turn around and use SHOK on the line of blue magnets to move the platform you’re on. Now look for a vent on the wall. Jump onto it and enter it.


Inside the vent, take the only path that isn’t blocked. Eventually, you’ll end up in a large room. Turn right and go through the last door to your left. The Silver Lootyagin will be here, in a small room.

Third Lootyagin

Third Lootyagin

After looting the second Lootyagin, head back out of the room. Turn right and then turn left to find a metal door with magnets. Zap the magnets to slide the door open.

Go through the door and then through another smaller door. Stand on the metal platform as you enter the large room and turn right.

Before you proceed

Zap the magnets in the ceiling first. Now jump and dash toward the low wall in front of you. Hop onto the blue platform and zap the magnets above you again.

Go straight forward through the platforms until you reach a metal fence. Before you proceed, look for a hanging blue platform on the other side of the fence. Align yourself with it.

Quickly jump

Shock the magnets above you. The platform you’re in will lower under the fence. Quickly jump onto the blue platform on the other side of the fence.

On the hanging blue platform, turn right and go through the opening in the ceiling into the small room with the red light.

Golden Lootyagin

As you come out of the red-light room, turn right. The Golden Lootyagin is on the door to your left. That’s all Lootyagins in this area!

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