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Ashwinder Eggs Location – Hogwarts Legacy

Time to collect some rare eggs to craft some potions!




Ashwinder Eggs Location Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter many different creatures from the Wizarding World established in the Harry Potter books and movies.

What’s interesting is that the fur, eggs, and other parts of these creatures can be used as ingredients in potions. In case you’re wondering, potions can be used for a variety of things.

One of the ingredients you can use to craft potions is Ashwinder Eggs. However, they’re a bit hard to find.

This guide will show you exactly where you can find some Ashwinder Eggs.

Where to Find Ashwinder Eggs

Where to Find Ashwinder Eggs

Source: Backseat Guides

To find Ashwinder Eggs, head to the Feldcroft Region southwest of the map. You’ll want to go to the point on the map shown above which is very close to Rockwood Castle.

If you search in this field, you will find Ashwinder Eggs lying on the ground in nests.

You can also find Ashwinder Eggs around Hogwarts Valley. We suggest collecting them at night since they’re usually easier to spot as they’ll be more visible.

Other Alternatives

Collecting the Eggs

Source: Backseat Guides

Alternatively, you can also buy Ashwinder Eggs in Hogsmeade from J. Pippins Potions for 150 gold each. You can also purchase them at Keenbridge for the same price.

Ashwinder Eggs are a mandatory ingredient for love potions. They are also a cure for ague and are an ingredient for the Edurus Potion.

You will be tasked by Professor Sharp to create the Edurus Potion, so knowing where to find Ashwinder Eggs is a must!

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