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Animal Tanks Puzzle Solution – Atomic Heart

Solve this deceptively simple puzzle and progress Atomic Heart’s story.




Animal Tanks Puzzle Solution Atomic Heart 1

The Animal Tanks puzzle is found in Facility 3826 in Atomic Heart. You’ll need to solve it as part of the “In An Overgrown Park…” quest.

Many players find this puzzle somewhat confusing at first. If you can’t manage to solve it, read on and we’ll guide you through every step of its solution!

Animal Tanks Puzzle Solution in Atomic Heart

puzzle can be very confusing at first
Source: 100% Guides

This puzzle can be very confusing at first, but it’s deceptively simple. Look at the monitor in the room, it has images representing every animal in the room.

To solve the puzzle, you need to make sure that all the animal images on the screen are in green. To do so, follow our instructions next.

cylinder with a pig
Source: 100% Guides

First, look to your left from the screen to find the first animal tank: a cylinder with a pig. Walk up to it and rotate the handle.

After that, look to your left again to find a large tank with a chicken. Rotate its handle once.

Turn around left once again from the chicken tank to find another tank with a pig. Approach it and rotate the handle once.

chicken tank
Source: 100% Guides

Face the screen again. Behind the screen is a tank with a cow, somewhat to your right. Rotate its handle once.

Now head to the second cow tank, exactly behind the one you’re at. Rotate its handle once too.

To the right of the second cow tank, you’ll find another cow tank. Rotate its handle one time, as with the others.

tank with a cow

Now look to your left to find another tank with a cow. Ignore the cow with no liquid in its tank, you only need the one that’s submerged in green liquid. Approach it and rotate the handle.

After rotating the handle for the last cow’s tank, the puzzle should be complete and the door should open up!

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