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All Secret Codes in Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered

Secret codes in Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered allow you to unlock a handful of fun stuff in the game.

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All Secret Codes in Baldis Basics Classic

There are tons of stuff to discover in Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered. One of them is the secret codes that you can enter to unlock certain features in the game. In this guide, we’ll have a look at all the secret codes you can use.

All Secret Codes in Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered

There are a total of four secret codes in the game, each unlocking different features for you to enjoy. To activate them, you need to head over to the schoolhouse and interact with the You Can Think pad. Then, simply enter the following codes:


04281989 1
04281989 1

Enter this code on the pad and click OK! in order to unlock the secret Music Room. Here, you’ll find a lot of red buttons which you can press to play various sounds. You can experiment with the buttons as you want, and doing so will change the music that’s currently playing.


10181996 1
10181996 1

This code will unlock Authentic Mode which lets you play the game with a smaller screen as shown in the image above. You can enter this code once again in order to revert the game to its original state.


This code allows you to unlock Chaos Mode. After entering the code, the game will give you an epilepsy warning – and for a good reason. Once you play in this mode, go back to the pad once again and then start solving the math problem.

Each time you solve a problem correctly, you will get a green checkmark on one of the boxes to the left. Solve all three problems correctly, and Baldi will commend you by saying you’re maybe smarter than him. After that, go outside and enter the room with the blue door.

Here, interact with the pad once again and start solving the problems once more. This time, however, you will get the third answer wrong. This will cause Baldi to get mad and his tone of voice will start to change. You’ll also hear some whistles and slaps from the other rooms.

Basically, everything will turn out to be a bit chaotic with this mode, as its name suggests.



This code will unlock the Debug Mode, but to do so, you need to unlock Chaos Mode first. After entering the code for Chaos Mode, head over to the opposite room with the blue door and enter the code for Debug Mode.

As the name implies, this mode provides you with certain debug options such as Invincibility, NoClip, and Super Speed. Simply check the box of the option that you want. You even have the option to obtain unlimited items.

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