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All Lower Hogsfield Merlin Trials Guide – Hogwarts Legacy

Complete the trials and increase your inventory slot.




All Lower Hogsfield Merlin Trials Guide Hogwarts Legacy

As you progress in the main story of the game, you will unlock the Lower Hogsfield Merlin Trials. These trials set by Merlin might be a little tricky, but successfully finishing them will grant you a lot of rewards.

Having said that, we made this guide to help you in finishing the challenges in Lower Hogsfield one by one.

How to Solve All Merlin Trials in Lower Hogsfield

How to Solve All Merlin Trials in Lower Hogsfield

The Lower Hogsfield Merlin Trials is composed of five different parts that have different objectives for each.

Let’s talk about each of them and how you can complete them all.

Solve Merlin’s Trial Quest

Solve Merlins Trial Quest

Source: WoW Quests

To start the Merlin Trial, go to the Lower Hogsfield and look for this swirl symbol on the ground. Once you see it, press the square button to use Mallowsweet on it to cause the vines to disappear.

Solve Merlins Trial Quest 1

Source: WoW Quests

After that, look for the pillars around the swirl and use Incendio to light up these torches. There are a total of three torches that you have to light up.

Merlin Trial 2 (Small Balls)

Merlin Trial 2 Small Balls

Source: WoW Quests

For the next one, go to this marked location on the map where the second trial is located.

Merlin Trial 2 Small Balls 1

Source: WoW Quests

On this marked spot, you will see another swirl symbol on the ground. Just like the previous one, press the square button to use the Mallowsweet.

After that, move to the upper part to see this spot with four small holes.

Merlin Trial 2 Small Balls 2

From this angle, you will see four small stones located on top of the stone platform on your left side.

Use the Accio spell to lift and pull the four stones toward you. Make sure that they land exactly on the holes in front of you.

Merlin Trial 2 Small Balls 3

This will activate the small platform, and you will notice vines growing on that spot. Move back to the location of the swirl earlier. Walking further, you will see another set of holes and small stones.

Again, use Accio to pull these stones towards you and fit them into the holes. Now, move to the right side of your current location while facing the area with the swirl symbol.

Do the same steps by using Accio on the small stones and putting them in the holes in the ground.

Merlin Trial 3 (Destroy Small Balls)

Merlin Trial 3 Destroy Small Balls

For the next trial, go to the next marked location and look for the next swirl symbol on the ground. Use the Mallowsweet on the swirl symbol again to start the trial.

Merlin Trial 3 Destroy Small Balls 1

If you look around, you will see five pillars with a stone on top. You have to destroy all these five stones to complete the trial.

From your position earlier as you activate the swirl symbol, you will see two of the stones that you have to destroy.

Merlin Trial 3 Destroy Small Balls 2

On the other hand, the other three are located on the right side of the swirl symbol near the big chunk of rock. Around this are the three pillars.

Giant Stone Ball Merlin Trial

Giant Stone Ball Merlin Trial

This next marked location is where the next trial is. Here, you will see another swirl symbol on the ground where you have to use the Mallowsweet again to start.

Giant Stone Ball Merlin Trial 1

From your starting position, you will see a giant stone right in front of you. Bring the giant stone to the hole near the river using the Levioso spell.

After that, use the Accio spell to bring it toward the hole.

Goblin Camp Merlin Trial

Goblin Camp Merlin Trial

For the last Merlin trial, go near the West Hogwarts Valley and look for this marked spot. Another swirl symbol is waiting for you to use the Mallowsweet and start the trial.

Goblin Camp Merlin Trial 1

After you start the trial, use the gate in front of you to access the small stones inside.

Use Accio to pull them towards you, and guide them to the small holes beside the gate. Then, go straight to the stairs on the right side and look for the small stones on the porch.

Again, use Accio and place them in the holes near the stairs. Next, go to the southern part of this area to go to the next set of stones. Use Revelio to easily trace where these stones are.

Goblin Camp Merlin Trial 2

Once you get to that location, you will notice that the stones are nowhere to be found. Use Incendio to burn the soil, then Accio to carry the stones to the next holes located near the wooden fences on the left side of your current position.

After doing all these, you will now have completed all Merlin Trials in Lower Hogsfield.

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