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All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9 – Atomic Heart

Claim all the treasures of the Lootyagins in Testing Ground 9.




All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9 Atomic Heart

The Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart have robot chests hidden within them which are known as Lootyagins. These chests come in sets of 3 and will reward you with materials and blueprints.

For this guide, we’ll talk about the locations of all 3 Lootyagins in Testing Ground 9.

All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9

All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9

Source: Game Guides Channel

First things first, you’ll need to open access to Testing Ground 9. Head to the spot shown on the map above and find an open manhole.

Drop down the manhole into the sewers, and then take the left path when you can and continue straight on to progress until you reach a broken wall.

Go through the broken wall and open the door by completing a lockpicking minigame. You’ll be in a room with transparent pipes and a collection of orange glowing balls called Candles.

All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9 1

Source: Game Guides Channel

Grab a Candle with your Telekinesis and insert it into the open pipe nearby. Now, use your Telekinesis to drag the Candle inside the pipe. Lead it to one of the boilers. Repeat this for all 4 boilers.

When you’ve turned on all boilers, an explosion will happen. You might take damage but the path will also open. Move on to find another locked door.

Open the locked door and dive into the Polymer. Keep swimming forward until you come out near a small pier. Go up the stairs from the pier.

Now, follow the concrete path until it forks then take the path to the left. Keep going forward from this path until you reach a small house. Look left to find another larger house immediately.

All Lootyagins Locations in Testing Ground 9 2

Source: Game Guides Channel

The larger house has a dumpster nearby. Climb it and then jump onto a yellow pipe to climb to the house’s roof.

Use the white device on the house’s roof and pick the camera north of Testing Ground 9. Turn towards the statue and you’ll be able to open a small shack leading to Testing Ground 9.

Go through the door you just opened to enter the testing ground.

Bronze Lootyagin

Bronze Lootyagin

As soon as you enter Testing Ground 9 proper, take a corner to your left. You’ll find a closed metal door and a device that can be triggered with SHOK.

Connect the Polymer gel on the floor to the door with the Polymer Jet ability. Use SHOK on the gel and the door will stay open. Alternatively, stand by the door and use SHOK on the device then enter quickly once it opens.

Bronze Lootyagin 1

Either way, you’ll end up overlooking a large room. Jump down from the ledge and into the room. Grab the Candle to your right and put it on the red contraption by the door to your left.

Crouch to go through the opening of the door and you’ll hear the Lootyagin’s music. Go through the door to your left to find the Bronze Lootyagin.

Silver Lootyagin

Silver Lootyagin

After collecting the Bronze Lootyagin, turn around and exit the room. You’ll see a flight of stairs right in front of you. Go down the stairs and turn right to find a room with a button you need to push.

Now, head back to the room where you grabbed the Candle before. Dive into the water, but be careful not to dive too deep. Find the open room and grab the Candle from the wall.

Bring the Candle back to the half-opened shutter door. Place the Candle next to the door after you crawl below the shutter. Then head out and grab the Candle you set down previously.

Silver Lootyagin 1

Both Candles should now be on the side of the shutter that has the Bronze Lootyagin. Pick both of them up and place them on the handles next to the closed shutter door.

This should open two shutters. Go through both of them and take a turn to the right. You’ll now be in a large room with some manikins and a button. Push this button and watch the door open.

Start heading back to the room with the water. As you do so, try to bring the two Candles with you to the room with water. You’ll need them for another door.

Silver Lootyagin 2

As you go through the half-opened shutter, look to your right. Place both Candles on the handle of the door there. Go through the door to enter a room with some enemies.

Take out the enemies and then look for a locked door. Lockpick the door and go down the stairs in front of you. The Silver Lootyagin is to the first door to your right.

Gold Lootyagin

Gold Lootyagin

Exit the room with the Silver Lootyagin and follow the path to your right until you end up in a large room with magnets in the ceiling.

Use SHOK on the magnets to lower a platform. Hop on the platform and zap the magnets again. Now, jump to a ledge with another Candle. Grab it and jump over the fence with it.

Put the Candle on the slot to your right then climb up to the metal platform. Grab the Candle you just set down and throw it to the slot to your right.

Gold Lootyagin 1

Repeat the process of alternating the 2 Candles you have with the slots to make a path of platforms until you reach the ledge with a door.

When you reach the door, grab a Candle and place it by the door. Go through the door and walk down the only path available. You’ll find the Gold Lootyagin at the end of the series of hallways.

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