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All Document Locations in Harugasumi Way – Wild Hearts

Get all of the Documents in Harugasumi Way

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A Document is one of the collectibles you can get in Wild Hearts, and obtaining them can give you an insight into the world’s lore in Wild Hearts. So if you are looking for information about the world of Azuma, like the Karakuri, you must get them.

However, they are hard to find. To help you do it, we made a list of all the Documents at Haragasumi Way.

Obtaining All Documents in Harugasumi Way

There are 6 documents to obtain in the Harugasumi way. You can quickly locate them if you activate a Hunter Tower with a Deep Probe upgrade and an Expansion upgrade.

Without further ado, below are the locations for the 6 documents in Harugasumi.

The Fable of Fushi Flowers

The Fable of Fushi Flowers 1
The Fable of Fushi Flowers
Source: Trophygamers

The first Document in Harugasumi Way is located inside a worn-down shrine. Climb a small hill to reach it as the bridge connecting it is broken. You can find it in the southeastern part of the map.

Long Lost Letter

Long Lost Letter 1 1
Long Lost Letter
Source: Trophygamers

The second Document is located near the Shrine Approach Marsh Dragon Pit. From there, head southwest to find a building, go inside and obtain the Long Lost Letter Document.

Azuma Song Part 1

Azuma Song Part 1 1 1
Azuma Song Part 1 1
Source: Trophygamers

After going to the marsh, head north to find the third Document. Upon reaching the area, you will find two buildings, head to the back of it to find the Azuma Song Part 1 Document just on top of the stairs before the entrance.

Kobai’an Tavern Guest Book

Kobaian Tavern Guest Book 1
Kobaian Tavern Guest Book

The following location for the following Document is located at the town in Tavern Ruins Dragon Pit. Find a small building with vines covering up the entrance.

Once you find it, put a torch on the ground, imbue your attacks with fire via the torch, then attack the vines to burn them away.

This will allow you to enter the building and obtain the Kobai’an Tavern Guest Book Document.

The Fable of the Eternal Sakura

The Fable of the Eternal Sakura 1 1
The Fable of the Eternal Sakura 2

The fifth Document is located near where you can encounter the Kemono Fumebeak. Head to the Great Sakura Clearing, then go to the building located at the northwest corner.

The Fable of the Eternal Sakura Document is located outside of the building behind a blue umbrella.

Hunting Diary

Hunting Diary
Hunting Diary Document

The last Document in Harugasumi Way is located east of the Cedar Path Dragon Pit. Head to the forest to find an old shrine.

Enter the shrine to collect the Hunting Diary Document. Congratulations! you have now collected all of the Documents in Harugasumi Way. The next thing is to find all the Documents in other areas.

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