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All Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave – One Piece Odyssey

Collect all Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave to upgrade your characters’ skills!




All Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey, you can collect Cube Fragments to improve the abilities of your Straw Hat Pirates. Each character has a Cube Fragment to discover; the more fragments you find, the stronger they grow.

Additionally, you will gain an achievement or trophy for gathering all of the Cube Fragments.

This guide will show you how to locate all of the cube fragments in Lake Shore Cave in One Piece Odyssey.

Luffy’s Cube Fragment x3

Luffys Cube Fragment x3

After entering the Lake Shore Cave and battling the Death Squirrel, you will come across some breakable walls shortly after the bridge falls.

Break the rightmost one apart to obtain Luffy Cube Fragment x3.

Nami’s Cube Fragment

Namis Cube Fragment

Straight ahead is a grappling point from which you may cross. Drop down and utilize the grappling point ahead.

Turn around after reaching the second point to discover the third grappling point on the top of a floating cliff.

Get to the top and look to your left to locate Nami’s Cube Fragment.

Zoro’s Cube Fragment

Zoros Cube Fragment 1

Use the grappling point on top of the second floating cliff on the left side to swing over.

When you reach the top of the cliff, look to your left, near the statue, for Zoro’s Cube Fragment.

Luffy’s Cube Fragment

Luffys Cube Fragment 1

Look farther left from the statue to uncover another grappling point at the base of the floating cliff and utilize it to reach the platform below.

Then, to your right, there’s a ladder with a grappling point on top. If you glance up once you get up, you’ll see another grappling point on your left.

Upon reaching the platform at the top, you’ll see a grilled gate. Use Zoro to demolish it.

Punch the breakable obstacles in front of you and glance straight to uncover another Luffy’s Cube Fragment that you can grapple towards you.

Usopp’s Cube Fragment

Usopps Cube Fragment 1

Return to your right and continue leaping down the platforms. When you reach the lowest floor, you will come across several enemies, so keep an eye out for them.

Head left and smash the breakable wall; straight ahead is Usopp’s Cube Fragment.

Chopper’s Cube Fragment

Choppers Cube Fragment 1

A grappling point on the stalactite is just next to the previous cube fragment. Take it to the platform below.

Turn left, look up, and you will find Chopper’s Cube Fragment.

Robin’s Cube Fragment

Robins Cube Fragment

Climb the wall to the left after jumping down. Turn right and re-climb the wall.

You must reach the top of the platform by gripping the stalactite above and descending down.

Once at the top, sprint left and look to your right for Robin’s Cube Fragment on the mushroom-like structure.

​​​​That’s all there is to know about locating all of the cube fragments in One Piece Odyssey’s LakeShore Cave. Now, go do it yourself!

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