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All Collectible Locations in Dead Space Remake Chapter 4

Let’s have a look at the locations of all collectibles in Chapter 4.




All Collectible Locations in Dead Space Remake Chapter 4 1

There are numerous collectibles in Dead Space Remake which include nodes, voice logs, and more.

Also, it’s worth noting that each chapter has its own set of collectibles you can find. Luckily, this guide will walk you through the locations of all collectibles in Chapter 4.

All Nodes

All Nodes

Source: Ben Gun

Here are all of the Nodes in chapter 4:

Node 14: You can pick up this node after getting dropped by the Brute in Main Atrium.

All Nodes 1

Source: PowerPyx

Node 15: Enter the elevator, go to Floor 2, and head over to the Storage Room near Mining Administration. The node is on the floor with the vacuum.

All Nodes 2

Source: PowerPyx

Node 16: The node is located on the wall inside Admin Server Maintenance.

All Nodes 3

Node 17: The node is dropped by the Brute in Electrical Systems.

All Nodes 4

All Logs

Here are all of the logs in chapter 4.

  • Log 52: To obtain this log, you need to arrive at the Bridge Tram Station.
All Logs
  • Log 53: After the hull breach in Main Atrium, head right, the log is found on the floor near the damaged ground.
All Logs 1
  • Log 54: This log is right inside the Captain’s Nest on the right.
All Logs 2
  • Log 55: After getting Log 54, simply look to your left to obtain this log.
  • Log 56: Run from Brute after meeting it in the Main Atrium. Afterward, Hammond will call you after about 30 seconds and you will get the log.
All Logs 3
  • Log 57: The log is found inside the Armory of the Security Room next to the workbench.
  • Log 58: You’ll be able to automatically obtain this log when approaching Mining Administration.
All Logs 4
  • Log 59: The log is located on Floor 2 after entering Mining Administration inside the Admin Server Maintenance room.
  • Log 60: This log is automatically obtained after rerouting power from Mining Administration.
  • Log 60, Log 63, & Log 67: You can only get two out of three logs per playthrough based on which power you reroute last. You must get the missing one in New Game Plus.
All Logs 5
  • Log 61: The log is inside the Break Room near Electrical Systems on Floor 3. You will get the log automatically upon entering and looking at the orange screen.
All Logs 6
  • Log 62: You can find the log on a bench in the corner of the Break Room.
  • Log 63: You will obtain this log after rerouting power from Electrical Systems.
  • Log 64: Head back to the elevator in order to find this.
All Logs 7
  • Log 65: Get inside the second elevator in Main Atrium and go to the Water Purification room. Once there, look for the log to the right in the first room after exiting the elevator.
  • Log 66: You will automatically obtain this log after clearing all 3 rerouting power objectives.
  • Log 68: Go up the elevator to obtain this log automatically.
All Logs 8
  • Log 69: The log is right after the previous log on the wall next to the save station.

All Weapons, Upgrades, and Schematics

Aside from nodes and logs, you can also find weapons, weapon upgrades, and schematics in chapter 4:

All Weapons Upgrades and Schematics

P.C.S.I Custom Magazine for Pulse Rifle: For this one, you can find the upgrade on Floor 3 inside Electrical Systems Storage on a shelf.

All Weapons Upgrades and Schematics 1

Contact Beam: Head over to Floor 2 inside the Records Office. Once there, you’ll be able to obtain it inside.

Supersymmetry Tether for Contact Beam: Take the elevator back to the Main Atrium, go to The Crew Deck, and purchase the upgrade from the Shop for 12,000 Credits.

All Weapons Upgrades and Schematics 2

Schematics 6 (Intermediate Engineer Rig): Head over to EVA Prep Room and look to your right on the way to the ADS Cannons to find the schematics.

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