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Alien Worlds: How to Play | Ultimate Beginners Guide

Hop on your spaceship and explore the metaverse in Alien Worlds, the biggest and most ambitious metaverse game out today.




Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn, blockchain-based game that revolves around cryptocurrency and NFTs. Players commandeer their own spaceship and explore the metaverse of Alien Worlds. You can mine Trilium, the in-game cryptocurrency token, battle other space explorers, earn NFTs to help you with your journey, and even earn commission from your virtual in-game real estate.  

In this beginner’s guide, we’re going to provide some information to help you get started on your space journey in Alien Worlds. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Alien Worlds

As stated before, Alien Worlds is a block-chain based metaverse. This means that the game is based on multiple blockchains. These are Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), and WAX.

Alien Worlds heavily revolves around decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The main objective in the game is to travel around space and mine the multi-chain token,  Trilium (TLM).  

What is Trilium (TLM)?

Trilium (TLM) is the main cryptocurrency that you acquire in Alien Worlds. You acquire TLM by mining. The amount of TLM you get is determined by what mining tools you have currently equipped. The land or planet you’re currently mining on will also factor in how much TLM you successfully mine.  

Mining TLM can take between 2 – 3 seconds up to 2 – 3 minutes. The duration will heavily depend on the tools you have and the machine you’re currently mining on.  

What are Alien Worlds NFTs?

Alien Worlds has over 300 NFTs that you can find and collect. Except for Land, each NFT is unique and will have its own attributes such as rarity and shininess.  

Here are the different types of NFTs you can collect in Alien Worlds:

  • Land

The land is a game card on a planet that has its own value. If you have ownership of Land, it will be represented by your game card. There are various types of land you can own. From mountains, volcanoes, tree forests, and more. You can earn a commission from the percentage of mining rewards by other players on your land. 

  • Minions

Minions are NFTs that players can use in battles. Minions can equip various weapons and receive battle advantages from specific weapons. If your minions lose a battle, they will need to be healed at the Federation Hospital. 

  • Weapons

Weapons are NFTs that your minions can use in battle. Each weapon will have an attack and defense rating unique to it. Damaged weapons will have to be repaired in the Weapon Repair Shop for your minions to use them again. 

  • Tools

Tools are the NFTs that players use to mine TLM on Land. Tools will vary when it comes to strengths and weaknesses.  You can use multiple tools at once to increase the speed and efficiency of mining TLM. 

  • Avatars

Avatars are the game cards that represent the player. Avatars are purely cosmetic and don’t affect any gameplay. Types of avatars include Nordics, Greys, Little Green Persons, and Robotrons. 


In the Alien Worlds metaverse, each planet operates independently. Planets have their own environments, gameplay experiences, and NFTs. To achieve a fair economy across planets, everything was tokenized from tools, lands, avatars, etc. 

How Can I Start Playing Alien Worlds? 

You’re going to need a WAX Cloud Wallet before you can play Alien Worlds. After setting up your wallet, go to and register your account.  

The next step is to make your character. You have the option of choosing either a male or female avatar. Remember, avatars don’t impact any gameplay at all so choose what you prefer.  

After setting up your character, you’re ready to explore the metaverse and mine some Trilium (TLM), collect NFTs, and own some Land.  

To start mining Trilium (TLM) efficiently, follow the steps below:

  • Pick a planet that you want to mine on. Each planet will show you how much TLM you can mine in there. 
  • Choose a Land on the planet. Depending on your stake in TLM, you may even have your own lands to mine. 
  • Next, choose your tools. New players will have a shovel as a starter tool. Each tool will tell you how much TLM you can mine using it. You can use up to three tools to mine simultaneously. This will improve your efficiency. 
  • Once everything is set up, you can start mining by pressing the Mine button.  

Before you choose which Land to mine on, you should consider the following:

  • Charge Time – This is how much time you need to wait before you can mine again.
  • Yield Multiplier – This refers to the chances of finding an NFT from one mining expedition run.
  • Commission Rate – If you’re not mining on your own Land, the commission rate is the fraction of the TLM you mine that will be paid to the Landowner. 


That concludes our beginner’s guide on Alien Worlds, the biggest metaverse blockchain game currently available today. We hope that this guide helped you jumpstart your adventure in Alien Worlds, and maybe even earn some extra income on the side. 

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