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Alien Worlds: How to Farm TLM and NFT

Farm TLM and NFT in Alien Worlds efficiently and effectively with this beginner’s guide.




Alien Worlds is an NFT game where the economy plays a really important role, especially if you want to make some profits. This brings us to the importance of farming the in-game currency TLM and NFTs.

Let’s go through the best ways you can farm TLM and NFTs in Alien Worlds.

How to Farm TLM and NFT: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a fun yet complex metaverse game. It features a vast world of planets, combat, TLM mining, and NFTs. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to efficiently farm TLM and NFTs in Alien Worlds.

The TLM Token

Mining the TLM token is the name of the game. Trilium or TLM is built into the core gameplay.  It is used to buy in-game items, upgrade said items, staking into planets to improve reward pools, buy land on planets, buy better NFTs and influence your overall earnings on the game. All of these will affect your gameplay experience and earnings one way or another.

How Do I Get Alien Worlds NFT Game Cards?

NFT game cards are your main way of farming TLM in Alien Worlds. The type and quality of your NFT Tools, Weapons, Minions, etc. can determine the amount of TLM you can earn per mining expedition or quest.

You can acquire NFTs by purchasing them on third-party NFT marketplaces such as AtomicHub.  Alternatively, you can also acquire NFTs in Alien World by simply mining TLM in-game. Every time you successfully mine TLM, there is a chance that you dig up an “NFT”.  The chance of this happening will depend on the tools you’re using for mining and the land you’re mining on.

Alien Worlds Planets

Alien Worlds features six planets with their own gameplay and unique characteristics. Each planet will have Land where you can do your TLM mining. You can own these lands by buying them as NFTs. Landowners get a percentage commission of all the TLM successfully mined on their land.

So if you want to maximize your TLM earnings, buying Land on a high-traffic planet is a great strategy. Do note that each planet only has 3,000 available land or sections.

How to Choose a Planet to Mine on?

Once you start the game you can either choose to start on a planet automatically assigned to you or choose a different planet instead. Each planet will have a Mining Pot value shown in the picture below.

Screenshot: Crypton [EN]

The higher the mining pot value, the more TLM you can mine on the planet. Note that you can change the planet you want to mine on anytime. Once you’ve chosen the right planet for you, you’ll be automatically given a random land to mine on.

There are important characteristics that you should watch out for when choosing a land to mine on. These are:

  • Owner Commission – how much the lander owner earns from the TLM you mined.
  • Land characteristics – these will tell you how much TLM you can effectively mine on the land

The Tools to Mine TLM

The tools you use to mine TLM is very important if you want to be an efficient miner. When you start the game, you’ll automatically receive the Standard Shovel tool card. You can start mining with this but the progress will be very slow.

If you want to speed up the process and become more efficient, we recommend investing in a few Tool NFTs. You can buy these NFTs on the AtomicHub marketplace pictured below. Make sure to add the alien.worlds filter to find the Alien Worlds NFTs.

Screenshot: Crypton [EN]

You can use up to three identical Tool cards to further improve the speed and efficiency of the mining process.

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