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Alien Worlds: How to Buy NFTs in a Bear Market

Earn extra income by trading NFTs in Alien World, the biggest metaverse game today.




Alien Worlds is one of the biggest metaverse games currently available in the market. The game revolves around adventuring in space and mining Tilirium, the game’s cryptocurrency token. 

Alien Worlds also boasts over 300 unique NFTs that serve a gameplay function while also functioning as tradeable tokens in NFT markets like AtomicHub by WAX. In this article, we’re going to look at how you can trade Alien World NFTs to make profits. There’s no better time to buy in than a bear market so let’s dive right in.

How to Buy and Sell Alien Worlds NFTs

Before you can sell your Alien World NFTs, first you have to earn or buy them. One way of earning NFTs is to mine for Tilirium on planets. While mining for Tilirium, you’ll also have a chance of receiving Alien World NFTs, these NFTs can be used to improve your gameplay performance. It can also be used for NFT trading in markets such as AtomicHub.

The chances of receiving an NFT while mining will depend on the tools you’re using and the land you’re mining on.

Buying  Alien Worlds NFTs

New players of Alien Worlds will receive the Standard Shovel NFT to start off. If your goal is to make profits in Alien Worlds NFT trading, this tool won’t be of much use. It is highly recommended to invest in a few decent tools if you want to make Alien Worlds  NFT trading profitable.

Image source: Satoshi Aoki

Buying Alien Worlds NFTs at AtomicHub

You can buy Alien Worlds NFTs from various marketplaces, but the one we will be using for this guide is AtomicHub which uses the WAXP token. To get WAXP tokens, you need to exchange the TLM you mined in Alien Worlds for WAXP tokens. The minimum TLM needed to exchange to WAXP is 100.  You can also receive WAXP through an exchange such as

The WAX blockchain is very fast and efficient. This means that your crypto transactions should finish in a matter of seconds, minutes at most. Another positive about the WAX blockchain is that it is a clean and carbon-neutral blockchain. This means that WAX has a strong focus on practicing environmentally friendly methods when it comes to minting NFTs.

Once you have the WAXP tokens, you can now buy Alien World NFTs at the AtomicHub. Make sure to pick out the NFTs that will help you perform better in game and earn more NFTs in the long run. 

Alien Worlds has various types of NFTs that provide different types of advantages for the player. Alien Worlds NFTs consist of Land, Minions, Weapons, Tools, and Avatars. Be sure to purchase the right type of NFT for your needs. In this case, if you want to mine TLM and NFTs in game more efficiently, we suggest investing in high stats Tools NFTs.

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